13 février 2019

Cedefop - FAQs > What are the activities?

HomeWhile many countries, both European and non European, have varying levels of experience in anticipation of skills, approaches to analysis differ considerably. Information on activities and results is sometimes difficult to obtain – not least because of language problems. Cedefop aimes at improving transparency, fostering exchange of both information and experts, and promoting cross country cooperation. More...

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Cedefop - FAQs > What research results/publications/data can I find in the Skillsnet webpages?

HomeMembers can share articles/publications/research results related to early identification of skill needs. You can access these materials under the section publications and working papers. The webpages also contains proceedings from various conferences and workshops related to skill needs, which you can find under the section events. More...

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Cedefop - FAQs > What are the approaches, methods and target groups?

HomeApproaches mainly include enterprise and labour force surveys at different levels, forecasting techniques, case studies, analyses of job advertisements, expert inquiries, scenarios, and observatories on skill developments. Similarities across territories, sectors and occupations help to identify common European or international trends in skill requirements. Examples are the ‘green economy’. tourism, logistics and new technologies (nano-/biotechnology, fuel cells, etc.). Priority is given to holistic approaches and to innovative solutions in research and analysis that can cater for the time gap between the actual change in demand and the policy and implementation response. More...

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Cedefop - FAQs > Why the network?

HomeThe issue of early identification of skill and competence needs is growing in importance. In a rapidly changing environment, policy makers and practitioners must be able to identify and respond promptly to new and changing skill and competence requirements. Such decisions depend on reliable information provided by research, which therefore takes on a central role in shaping future oriented education and training. More...

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Cedefop - FAQs > What is Skillsnet?

HomeThe network provides a forum for generating new activities and projects in the early identification of skill needs by bringing in a multidisciplinary cross country perspective. The outcomes of research are discussed with policy makers, practitioners, training organisations, employment services, social partners and others actively working on the identification of skill needs for their transfer into education and training policy and practice. More...

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Cedefop - FAQs > Procurement procedures

HomePRACTICALITIES: The cover letter, signed by the person/s (name and position) that is/are authorised to sign the contract in case of contract award must be provided only by a leader of the consortium?
PRACTICALITIES: The exclusion criteria declaration requested in point 3.1 and standard template found in Annex C must be submitted by all consortium members and by all subcontractors. More...

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Please consent to cookies in order to use the reading list Questions about Cedefop website

HomeWhat is the reading list?
How can I add items to my reading list?
How can I see all items in my reading list?
How can I remove items from my reading list?
Can I access my reading list from multiple devices (Computer, tablet, etc). More...

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Cedefop - FAQs > Recruitment

HomeCan I apply for more than one posts?
If I made a mistake or forgot to attach a document but have already submitted my application, can I ask HR to correct or attach it?
Can reference letters or additional documents be sent separately from the on-line application, by e-mail or post?
I have obtained my certificate / degree in a non-European Union country. Do I need a certification of equivalency?
I do not have the required years of experience, can I apply anyway?
Once I have submitted my application, how do I log in again?
Why can I not enter more than 100% work experience? I worked full time at an office during the day and was teaching at night.
I am not able to upload my CV on the first page of the electronic application form. What is wrong?
How can I get more information about the written test and/or interview?
I was working while I did my bachelor, how can I enter this information in the application form?
I served my military service before/during my studies and in my country military service is obligatory. Does this count as work experience?
I have not done my military service yet but, in case I get the job I could finish it within 1 month. How do I reflect this in the application form?
Why do I need to attach a CV when I have entered all the information in the application form?
Which degree is the one giving access to the selection procedure?
I have passed an EPSO competition and would like to apply for a post in Cedefop.
I would like to work for the EU institutions. Can I send my CV?
I have missed the deadline for a competition. Can I still apply?
I am applying for a contract agent post. Can additional studies (i.e. masters, PhD) be taken into consideration as work experience. More...

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Cedefop - Recruitment

HomeThe recruitment policy of Cedefop aims to select well-qualified staff with a high degree of professionalism. To achieve this goal our selection procedures are streamlined to guarantee maximum transparency and equal treatment for all candidates. More...

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Cedefop - Traineeships

HomeThe next traineeship intake will be announced in spring 2019. 
For the intake of 2018 Cedefop offers 14 traineeships in the following projects. The online application can include a maximum of three projects in order of priority. More...

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