13 février 2019

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HomeCan I apply for more than one posts?
If I made a mistake or forgot to attach a document but have already submitted my application, can I ask HR to correct or attach it?
Can reference letters or additional documents be sent separately from the on-line application, by e-mail or post?
I have obtained my certificate / degree in a non-European Union country. Do I need a certification of equivalency?
I do not have the required years of experience, can I apply anyway?
Once I have submitted my application, how do I log in again?
Why can I not enter more than 100% work experience? I worked full time at an office during the day and was teaching at night.
I am not able to upload my CV on the first page of the electronic application form. What is wrong?
How can I get more information about the written test and/or interview?
I was working while I did my bachelor, how can I enter this information in the application form?
I served my military service before/during my studies and in my country military service is obligatory. Does this count as work experience?
I have not done my military service yet but, in case I get the job I could finish it within 1 month. How do I reflect this in the application form?
Why do I need to attach a CV when I have entered all the information in the application form?
Which degree is the one giving access to the selection procedure?
I have passed an EPSO competition and would like to apply for a post in Cedefop.
I would like to work for the EU institutions. Can I send my CV?
I have missed the deadline for a competition. Can I still apply?
I am applying for a contract agent post. Can additional studies (i.e. masters, PhD) be taken into consideration as work experience. More...
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