29 janvier 2019

What Is the Relationship Between Learning Design and Student Well-Being?

By Joshua Kim. A Q&A with four learning and wellness professionals.
What is the relationship between learning design and student well-being. More...

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Negotiating Our Alt-Ac Professional Identities

By Joshua Kim. What is the professional identity of an alternative academic (alt-ac)?
Why does the alt-ac career path so often feel so treacherous?
Why do even alt-acs who love the work that they do on a daily basis often feel ambivalent about our career paths. More...

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Should Traditional Faculty Pivot to Academic Careers in Campus Learning Organizations?

By Joshua Kim. We define a campus learning organization as a higher education unit that is devoted to student learning, but that is not a traditional academic department or school.  Under our definition, a center for teaching and learning (CTL), and academic computing unit, an online learning organization, or a division of continuing education would count.  So might other groups that work directly with professors on advancing student learning. More...

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What Might University HR Make of 'Rebel Talent'?

By Joshua Kim. In sociology, we have this concept of positive deviance.  This is an extension of Durkheim’s (1858-1917) conception of the function of deviance in reinforcing social norms.  Where deviance is the negative violation of social codes and cultural practices, positive deviance is the process in which norm violation enhances well-being. More...

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Guest Post: Stackability is a Learning Strategy

By Joshua Kim. Higher education is still sorting out how best to integrate the MOOC innovation into its core. In the history of higher education, the 6 years that have passed since the dawn of MOOCs is a blip. It is true that the original hype was overblown. More...

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Does 'Bloomberg QuickTake: Disruption's Fallout' Disrupt the Idea of a Book?

By Joshua Kim. What is this wonderful thing?
Bloomberg QuickTake: Disruption's Fallout by Bloomberg News. More...

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Should Higher Ed Liberals Read 'Conservatism: An Invitation to the Great Tradition’?

By Joshua Kim. And when it comes to thinking about the future of higher ed, are we liberal university people more conservative than we realize. More...

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The Importance of an Institutional Internationalization Policy

International engagement provides valuable learning and research opportunities and important potential for mutual benefit to its participants. Most universities today opt to be internationally engaged despite the complications and risks. That said, they are not always adequately prepared. More...

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Making Room for Innovation in Latin America

Latin America — and its leading universities — are at a turning point, one that could usher in a new era of international collaboration, with wide-ranging implications for students, faculty and regional economies. More...

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Academic Segregation Does Not Create Actual Access

By Eric Stoller. That's the headline from a recent article published in The Guardian by Andrew Adonis. Officially known in the UK as “The Right Honourable The Lord Adonis PC,” Adonis was behind the creation of tuition fees within UK higher education. In 2017, Adonis did an about-face and decided that it was a more politically sound strategy to criticize and even call for the abolishment of fees. More...

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