21 décembre 2018

Parliamentary challenges…fees and Brexit

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "hepi"Imagine the following scenario.

  • First, a Prime Minister lacking a clear parliamentary majority feels obliged by electoral forces to bring a particular policy to Parliament for MPs to vote on.
  • This policy is a notable u-turn from her previous position.
  • The new policy is also an uneasy compromise. It does not satisfy proponents of the status quo in or beyond Parliament.
  • Nor does it satisfy the demands of the Opposition, even though they had previously called for comparable changes.
  • The Opposition say, if they were in power, they would implement a different bolder new policy that successfully balances objectives that others claim are irreconcilable.
  • The Prime Minister ploughs on, saying there is no alternative and convinced her new policy will eventually pass and relieve pent-up political tension.
  • But parliamentarians from different political parties reject the policy. Instead, the country is left to choose between the status quo or a radically different proposal. More...
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