17 décembre 2018

Dérogations à la durée du travail des jeunes travailleurs

Aquitaine Cap MétiersLa loi Avenir professionnel (art 13) a prévu que les règles relatives à la durée du travail des jeunes travailleurs mineurs (8 h/jour et 35 h/semaine) pourront faire l'objet de dérogations pour certaines activités, lorsque l'organisation collective du travail le justifie. Plus...

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Fixation du taux de conversion des heures CPF

Aquitaine Cap MétiersCe taux de conversion applicable au 1er janvier 2019, portera à 3240 € le montant du crédit d'un salarié qualifié justifiant des conditions requises, au titre de 120 heures de DIF et de 96 h de CPF non consommées depuis 2015.
Décret n° 2018-1153 du 14 décembre 2018. Plus...

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Admission aux études d'infirmier : nouvelles règles

Aquitaine Cap MétiersLes titulaires d'une autorisation permettant l'exercice de la profession de médecin ou de maïeuticien en France ou à l'étranger et les titulaires du diplôme de formation approfondie en sciences médicales (DFASM) sont autorisées à se présenter directement au jury sous conditions (validation d'unités d'enseignement, stages de soins infirmiers, travail écrit et personnel sur une problématique propre à la profession d'infirmier).
Arrêté du 13 décembre 2018. Plus...

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Statue of 'racist' Gandhi removed from University of Ghana

Screenshot-2018-4-23 The GardianA Mahatma Gandhi statue has been removed from the campus of the University of Ghana after protests from students and faculty who argue the Indian independence leader considered Africans “inferior”.
The statue was unveiled at the university in the Ghanian capital Accra two years ago but has been the subject of controversy and was removed in the middle of the night on Tuesday, leaving just an empty plinth.
Scholars have highlighted evidence in past years showing the revered freedom-fighter, whose theories of civil resistance helped India throw off British colonialism and inspired generations of activists including Martin Luther King Jr, held derogatory views towards native communities in South Africa.
A 2015 book by two South African writers pointed to instances where Gandhi complained that Indians were being forced to use the same separate entrances as Africans, meaning “their civilised habits … would be degraded to the habits of aboriginal natives”. More...

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Student loan shake-up puts £12bn hole in public finances

Screenshot-2018-4-23 The GardianIn a stroke of the pen from the Office for National Statistics, student loans will now be treated as part financial asset in the national accounts, because some will be repaid, while part will be classified as government expenditure, as some loans will never be paid back in full. More...

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Change in student loan accounting could add £10bn to UK budget deficit

Screenshot-2018-4-23 The GardianThe government faces an extra £10bn being added to its borrowing as the result of a radical shake-up in the accounting for student loans, with experts warning of increased uncertainty over the outlook for university funding. More...

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UK university tells Iranian student: go home and get tuition fees in cash

Screenshot-2018-4-23 The GardianIranian university students in the UK are facing suspension from their courses because of President Trump’s newly reimposed sanctions on the country. More...

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Why do so few university graduates start their own businesses?

Screenshot-2018-4-23 The GardianEntrepreneurship education in universities could be deterring young graduates from starting up companies. More...

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Student essentials: apps to make university life easier

Screenshot-2018-4-23 The GardianHere are students’ favourite apps for managing uni life – from note-taking and revision to sharing a flat. More...

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Students who commute to university are getting a raw deal

Screenshot-2018-4-23 The GardianUK universities are unusual in many ways, particularly when compared to equivalent systems in Europe and our Antipodean cousins. One its most distinctive features is how our students are far more likely to move away from home to attend university – and not solely for the most prestigious institutions. More...

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