30 novembre 2018

¿Cómo es posible que funcione tan rápido la mente de los intérpretes simultáneos?

The ConversationNo es a través de una máquina, ni tampoco es magia. Las palabras que van entrando por nuestros auriculares en una determinada lengua, de forma casi paralela a las que salen en otra lengua, las emite un ser humano, un intérprete simultáneo. More...

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¿Por qué hay alumnos que estudian mucho pero no les cunde?

The Conversation“He estudiado muchísimo y me ha salido fatal el examen”.
“Lo sé, pero no sé cómo explicarlo”.
“Lo entiendo, pero cuando tengo que aplicarlo a un caso práctico no sé cómo hacerlo.”
Estas situaciones y otras similares indican que, habiendo hecho un esfuerzo por aprender, muchos estudiantes no lo logran. More...

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How today’s MBA graduates can help save the world

The ConversationRecent news reports have suggested that the MBA (masters in business administration) may be “losing its lustre” at American business schools, including some of the most elite on the planet. More...

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To pay or not to pay: That’s the internship question

The ConversationStudents in Québec were striking last week to demand that internships be paid. Do they have a point. More...

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A wolf in sheep’s clothing: Disruption is overrated in terms of innovation

The ConversationInnovation has real costs — monetary, psychological, intellectual and effort-based — that need to be addressed or mitigated if you want people to actually innovate. More...

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Deeper listening will change your classroom

The ConversationI said, you said.
Is conflict resolution about one side winning?
It’s not. Usually, a good resolution involves identifying how parties have a concern for both self and others. More...

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Education does not always equal social mobility

The ConversationEducators around the world, particularly those in secondary schools, often default to a compelling story when they are trying to motivate their students: Work hard, achieve well and you will secure a successful future with attractive job prospects. More...

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Too busy for the PTA, but working-class parents care

The ConversationThere is a persistent perception among public high school administrators and staff that working-class immigrant parents are disinterested and uninvolved in their children’s education. More...

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Music also matters in the real world

The ConversationIn junior high school, band provided me with a safe haven during the challenging years of adolescence. Band was essential to my emerging identity and to building my self-confidence. More...

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Memorials give us the chance to sit and think about the First World War

The ConversationOne hundred years ago, the University of Saskatchewan decided to recognize service in the war while the conflict was still underway. In 1916, the board of governors recommended that the names of all students, faculty and staff who enlisted be painted on ribbons along the corridors of the first and second floors of The College Building. More...

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