21 octobre 2018

Announcement: New A&TSI Policy Committee following 2018 General Elections

The 2018 General Elections and extension of nominations period have both been held. We are therefore pleased to announce that the following people have been successfully elected to the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy Committee for the next term of office. More...

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Equal Pay Day 2018 - while we are making ground, there is still a long way to go

Equal Pay Day this year has fallen on the last day of August (31st, to be precise) and in doing so, marks 62 additional days that women need to work following the end of the financial year to earn the same pay as men. 
The good news (if there is such a thing as good news about inequity) is that the gender pay gap has fallen to a 20 year low, to 14.6% (down from 15.3%).  What this means is that  women are earning $245 less than men each week, instead of $253.70 less a week last year. More...

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Senate passes changes to HELP repayment schedule

On Tuesday 14 August the Federal Government finally managed to get its Higher Education Support Legislation Amendment (Student Loan Sustainability) Bill 2018 through the Senate. More...

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Internationalising career services through cooperation

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Over the last five to ten years, career services have been increasingly more integrated into the university internationalisation process, fuelling a profession-wide sense of imposter syndrome. A young field made up of often self-taught professionals trying to develop international standards whilst the global environment is rapidly changing – how to keep up. More...

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Catalonia and the role of international education

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This past year has been a very intense one on many fronts. And, as a result of the conflict that has made itself apparent in the little corner of the world where I live – Catalonia – I have reflected long and hard on the role of internationalisation in higher education. More...

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Research digest for practitioners: September 2018

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The September 2018 issue of the Journal of Studies in International Education addresses a wide range of topics in internationalisation. Authors in this issue explore questions ranging from international student satisfaction, to funding, to migration outcomes of international graduates and more. More...

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Future-proofing international education

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The Closing Plenary of the 2018 Conference was as realistic as it was hopeful, drawing the audience’s attention to the fork in the road we face in this pivotal moment in history. Down one path awaits a “technological apocalypse” of automation, mass production and insular impulses that together drive individuals and societies to turn inward and “close the city gates” to outsiders. More...

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Facing today's challenges by facing outward

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The kick-off of the 30th Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition was framed not only by the physical setting of Geneva – a world city full of international organisations and with a history of global cooperation – but also the current reality in which we live and the novel challenges it presents to international educators. More...

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The EAIE launches major study on internationalisation in Europe

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The second edition of the EAIE Barometer surveys 2317 practitioners working on internationalisation at 1292 higher education institutions (HEIs) in 45 countries throughout Europe. This week the EAIE will launch the final report, delivering not only the largest and most geographically diverse dataset on the internationalisation of higher education in Europe, but also the only such study measuring practitioners’ views of internationalisation in their institutions. More...

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Living the EAIE values: a coming of age

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This year’s Annual Conference in Geneva is the EAIE’s thirtieth. Regardless of your point of view, I think it is fair to say that we have reached adulthood. With us humans, adulthood is often coupled with the notion of responsibility. More...

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