15 octobre 2018

Colleges change sexual assault practices after survey

By Andy Tsubasa Field, The Chronicle of Higher Education. Three years ago a survey on campus sexual assault drew national attention over its finding that one in four female college student respondents said they had experienced unwanted sexual contact, either by force or after being incapacitated by substances like drugs or alcohol. More...

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HE lending agencies call for protective legislation

By Joy Ndovi. Calls have intensified for African governments to establish legislation to help financing agencies recoup outstanding student loans, in light of the increasing number of defaults being experienced in the higher education sector. More...

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World-class research position retained – and challenged

By Jan Petter Myklebust. Denmark is maintaining its world-class position in research and development, according to the 10th edition of the Research Barometer, a collection of indicators comparing Denmark to 35 other OECD countries, which the Ministry of Higher Education and Science published on 5 October. More...

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Racism and discrimination against aboriginal staff rises

By Geoff Maslen. Although employed in a supposedly `enlightened and accepting environment’, three-quarters of Indigenous Australians working as academics and general staff in the nation’s universities experience racism and discrimination, mostly from colleagues. More...

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Foreign student numbers grow a record 19% in a year

By Aimee Chung. South Korea has seen record numbers of foreign students enrolling in its universities despite recent tensions on the Korean peninsula, but this has been accompanied by a doubling in the number staying on illegally after their student visas expire. More...

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Universities making campuses safer after 47 rapes in 2017

By Edwin Naidu. South African universities are taking steps to make campuses safer for female students, after Higher Education and Training Minister Naledi Pandor named the higher education institutions at which incidents of rape or sexual assault had occurred in 2017. More...

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US dominates global innovative universities ranking

By Brendan O’Malley. Stanford University has topped Reuters’ ranking of the World’s Most Innovative Universities for the fourth year in a row, followed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, in the same order for the fourth year running. More...

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Australian students now lead their English-speaking peers in study abroad visits

By Brendan O’Malley – Managing Editor. In Commentary, Davina Potts and Kent Anderson say Australian students are not reluctant to study abroad – as a news article based on questionable data claims – but actually lead their English language-speaking peers in study visits overseas, thanks in part to smart government policy. Lukas Bischof recommends the Skolkovo Method – developed and adopted in Russia – to higher education leaders as an innovative way to drive transformation in their universities. And Winston Morgan suggests that campaigns similar to those introduced to increase the number of women and female leaders in science should be instituted to increase the number of black scientists – and eventually role models such as a black Nobel laureate in science.
   In our World Blog, Jane Knight and Hans de Wit look back and forward at the contribution internationalisation has made and will make to higher education and conclude that internationalisation has come of age.
   In our series on Pacific Rim higher education and research, Yojana Sharma unpacks a report from the Association of Pacific Rim Universities that says universities are bucking the trend of declining multilateralism in geopolitics by forming research networks that foster multilateral cooperation.
   In Features, Yojana Sharma reports on South Korea’s investment of US$2 billion to build up talent in artificial intelligence and use its universities’ strong links with industry to become a global AI powerhouse by 2022. And Wagdy Sawahel reports on calls for African universities to offer more courses to harness the power of blockchain-based innovation.
   In a Special Report on the EnlightED conference in Spain on higher education in the digital age, Paul Rigg highlights keynote speaker Michael Horn’s warning that “universities are declining” due to digital disruption taking hold. Another speaker, Joseph Aoun, suggests that universities respond by making people ‘robot proof’ through teaching ‘humanics’ and providing experiential and lifelong learning, writes Paul Rigg. More...

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La formation obligatoire jusqu’à 18 ans entre en vigueur à la rentrée

Alternatives EconomiquesSur le blog de Michel Abhervé pour Alternatives économiques. Le dispositif créé pour que tout jeune entre 15 et 18 ans soit en formation préqualifiante ou qualifiante entre en vigueur à la rentrée. 
Pour éviter le décrochage, le soutien aux élèves a été renforcé, via l’engagement, notamment, de conseillers en formation. Le repérage des jeunes en difficulté est aussi optimisé. Plus...

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Le gouvernement crée un comité de lutte contre les dégâts causés par le gibier

Le gouvernement a annoncé ce 3 septembre la création d'un comité de lutte contre les dégâts causés par le gibier. Installé ce 6 septembre, ce comité va rassembler "les présidents de la FNSEA, de l'APCA (chambres d'agriculture), de la fédération nationale des chasseurs, de la fédération des forestiers privés et du CNPF (Centre national de la propriété forestière), de la propriété privée rurale, de l'ONF (Office national de forêts), des communes forestières (FNCOFOR) et de l'ONCFS (Office national de la chasse et de la faune sauvage) ainsi que les administrations nationales concernées". Plus...

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