26 août 2018

Internationalisation at home in practice

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Since 1999, the EAIE has supported internationalisation at home (IaH) through a Special Interest Group and subsequently an Expert Community. It dedicated an issue of Forum to the topic, and the annual conference has seen both an increase in the number of proposals for sessions and the number of participants attending those sessions. The IaH LinkedIn group has also grown rapidly over the past two years as we have sought to engage more members in our work. More...

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Internationalisation at home and institutional strategy

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What does internationalisation at home (IaH) mean in practice? In its ongoing effort to prepare all students for a global society, the Romanian-American University has shifted from focusing purely on offering international opportunities within the home curriculum to looking more at learning outcomes that prepare all students for a life and career in the globalised environment. More...

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Where global responsibility meets internationalisation

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Through ‘mainstreaming internationalisation’ and ‘comprehensive internationalisation’ efforts, international engagement has become more integrated into the core aspects of higher education (teaching, research and service). At the same time, a global focus on sustainable development goals (SDGs) reflects growing concern for inequality, social justice issues, global challenges and sustainability practices. More...

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Building purposeful partnerships for inclusion

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It is one thing to attract growing numbers of international students to a university, and quite another to make sure these students are properly included in activities across the university, in both the formal and the informal curriculum. More...

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MONEY Rankings: Strong Performance by California Colleges

The online magazine, MONEY, has published the latest edition of its Best Colleges rankings. These are orientated towards the student as consumer and rate quality of education, affordability and outcomes, each of which is given a one third weighting. Quality of education is measured by six-year graduation rate, value-added graduation rate, peer quality, instructor quality, financial stability, and the outcomes of students receiving Pell Grants. More...

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Latest Shanghai Rankings: Good News for China and USA

The Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), usually known as the Shanghai Rankings, is the oldest global ranking. The methodology is straightforward, and the indicators are all derived from databases accessible to the public. More...

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Problems of Taiwanese Higher Education

The Taiwanese higher education system has been flourishing for the last few years. In the 2017 Shanghai rankings there were seven Taiwanese universities in the top 500 and 12 in the top 500 of the 2018 Round University Rankings where the National Taiwan university reached 112th place. More...

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Webometrics Ranking Digs Deepest

The new edition of the Ranking Web of Universities or Webometrics has been just published. The Cybermetrics Lab, a research group of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) in Spain has published Webometrics ranking since 2004. More...

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Latvia: new GRECO report on corruption prevention in central government and law enforcement bodies

Screenshot-2018-5-2 NewsroomLatvia to further boost the integrity, transparency and accountability of those exercising top executive functions in central government and of police and border guard staff. More...

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MONEYVAL calls for actions to combat money laundering and terrorist financing in line with Latvia’s risk profile

Screenshot-2018-5-2 NewsroomIn a report published today on Latvia, MONEYVAL acknowledges that large financial flows passing through the country pose a significant money laundering threat. Latvia is a regional financial centre, with a majority of its commercial banks focusing on servicing foreign customers, mainly from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries. More...

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