24 août 2018

Agriculture e-learning hub goes live

By Maina Waruru. An e-learning hub for African universities mooted by the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in 2017 is now operational, offering more than 35 member universities from across Africa access to free content intended to enhance the teaching of agriculture. More...

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Campus divisions run deep over job quota protests

By Mushfique Wadud. As students and teachers on Bangladesh’s university campuses have become deeply divided over the reservation of government jobs for certain groups, a student at a government-run university was last week suspended for a social media post in support of an ongoing student movement demanding reform in the quota system. More...

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Academics call for suspension of student protest cases

By Shafigeh Shirazi. Some 120 academics from universities across Iran, including former legislators and cabinet members, last week called on President Hassan Rouhani to order the immediate suspension of judicial cases against more than 150 students who are still in detention for participating in protests that occurred in December 2017 and January this year. More...

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Long overdue audit reveals yawning skills deficits

By Tonderayi Mukeredzi. An audit has revealed that, despite a national literacy rate above 90%, Zimbabwe has an appalling deficit of skilled professionals, particularly in the engineering, sciences, technology and agricultural sectors. More...

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Top universities demand better accreditation system

By Eugene Vorotnikov. The 50 largest Russian universities have called on Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, to abolish the current system of state accreditation of universities, due to its backwardness, according to universities’ representatives. More...

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Swedish grant to boost university’s postgraduate capacity

By Maina Waruru. Postgraduate education in Ethiopia has received a massive boost following the recent signing of a US$22.5 million five-year agreement between the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and Ethiopia's flagship university aimed at strengthening postgraduate programmes and enhancing local capacity. More...

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International student and academic numbers are rising

By Michael Gardner. Germany is increasingly being sought as a destination by international students and academics, says a recent report that also shows that the number of German students going abroad remains at a high level. More...

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Call for government-led international education strategy

By Brendan O'Malley. More can and should be done to uphold the international competitiveness of United Kingdom higher education, according to a new report from Universities UK International (UUKi). More...

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New data red tape could hamper international research

By Yojana Sharma. China’s new regulations restricting the ‘export’ of scientific data collected within the country and asserting that any research for publication in international journals must first be approved by a new, yet to be set up authority, are causing uncertainty and concern for many researchers who are working in collaboration with China. More...

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Le contrôle de la recherche d'emploi : l'impact sur le parcours des demandeurs d'emploi

88% des demandeurs d’emploi ayant fait l’objet d’un contrôle aléatoire ont justifié de leur recherche d’emploi ou été remobilisés
Pôle emploi - Eclairages et synthèses
À la suite d’une expérimentation visant à tester le principe d’une dissociation des activités de contrôle et des activités d’accompagnement, Pôle emploi a mis en place des équipes de conseillers dédiés au contrôle de la recherche d’emploi.
215 conseillers spécialisés réalisent en moyenne 12 000 contrôles chaque mois, sur la base soit d’une sélection aléatoire des demandeurs d’emploi, soit de requêtes ciblées sur certains critères, ou plus rarement du signalement des conseillers référents.
Pour certains demandeurs d’emploi, le contrôle de la recherche d’emploi est l’occasion d’une remobilisation. 88% des demandeurs d’emploi sont en recherche active d’emploi ou sont remobilisables. 12% sont jugés en insuffisance de recherche d’emploi.

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