03 août 2018

Journal articles and reports on serious games

http://www.tonybates.ca/wp-content/uploads/asssociates.jpgBy . Originally created by Natasha Boskic

Branston, C. (2006). From game studies to bibliographic gaming: Libraries tap into the video game culture. Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science & Technology, 32(4), 24-29.

Bandura, A. (2002). Selective moral disengagement in the exercise of moral agency. Journal of Moral Education, 31 (2), 101-119.

Baudrillard, J. (1988). Simulacra and simulations. In M. Poster (Ed.), Selected writings (pp.166-184). Stanford; Stanford University Press. More...

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How should we respond to reports of a declining graduate premium?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "hepi"HEPI has occasionally published hard-to-find and interesting historic educational documents, such as Anthony Crosland’s 1965 Woolwich speech heralding polytechnics and Ken Baker’s Lancaster speech extolling the virtues of expanding higher education. More...

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An Eye on the Cultural Landscape of Syria

Al Fanar

The artist Hiba Al-Ansari lives in Germany but in the spring of 2014, she visited Kafr Nabl, a town in northwestern Syria that was then in the hands of anti-government rebels. In a home there that had been destroyed by a Syrian army rocket, she found a math textbook. More...

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What will AI and robotics mean for higher education?

eCampus NewsBoth AI and robotics are projected to have a massive impact on the global economy. While anticipated improvements in GDP and efficiency are positive, some fear that jobs will be lost through automation. What will AI and robotics mean for higher education? Will automation affect colleges and universities. More...

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Fewer than half of college students are ready for the workforce

eCampus NewsJust 41 percent of U.S. college students say they feel either very or extremely prepared to enter the workforce, according to a new survey. More...

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For college admissions: A holistic review, or systematic discrimination?

University Business Magazine logoLawsuit against Harvard’s use of race, applicants’ personality renews concerns about affirmative action in the admissions process. More...

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Education Design Lab collaboration with Credly

University Business Magazine logoEducation Design Lab, a nonprofit that applies design thinking to create new pathways from education to employment, announced the launch of a new partnership with Credly that will designate participating colleges and universities as authorized issuers of nationally-designed digital credentials that recognize workforce-relevant skills. More...

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Google is making a foray into college admissions

University Business Magazine logoIt can be one of the most important — and often stress-inducing — decisions of a young person’s life. And now, Google is getting involved. More...

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Lotteries may be the fairest way to fix elite-college admissions

University Business Magazine logoA federal court has in recent weeks unsealed a trove of documents revealing how Harvard decides whom to admit out of the 40,000 or so students who apply each year for its roughly 1,600 freshman seats. More...

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