02 août 2018

Report: Education Dept. Will End 'Gainful' Rules

HomeBy Doug Lederman. The Education Department plans to eliminate rather than revise Obama-era rules that required for-profit and vocational programs to prove that they are preparing graduates for gainful employment, according to a memorandum obtained by The New York Times. More...

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2.2 Million Students Using OpenStax Books

HomeBy Doug Lederman. More than 2 million students at nearly half of degree-granting colleges in the United States are using textbooks this year from OpenStax, the open educational resources publisher, according to an infographic from Rice University, which founded the publisher. More...

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Textbook Prices' Impact on Student Behavior

HomeBy Doug Lederman. A study published last week found that the vast majority of students surveyed said the high price of textbooks had had a major (46 percent) or modest (41 percent) impact on their financial situations, forcing them to forgo meals and trips home to see their families, among other things. More...

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Trying to Make Sense of Online Learning Globally

HomeBy Doug Lederman. A new report from the Observatory on Borderless Higher Education examines the state of global online higher education, building off a series of country- or region-specific case studies produced by the organization. More...

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Calculating (and Acknowledging) the Costs of OER

HomeBy Doug Lederman. Open resources offer many potential benefits to students, but the institutional costs are real, too. One college offers a look into the math. More...

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Vanderbilt Students Receive Email Promoting White Supremacy

HomeBy Emma Whitford. A handful of Vanderbilt University students, faculty and staff received an email Monday evening containing the N-word and promoting white supremacy. The email, disguised as a Listserv command, asked readers to respond or click on an embedded link. More...

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Minimal Writing? No Problem

HomeBy Emma Whitford. Nearly a third of college students haven't completed a major writing assignment in college, but that's OK with them. More...

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The Myth of Multitasking

HomeBy Emma Whitford. New study shows that splitting attention between lecture and cellphone or laptop use hinders long-term retention, and those in class suffer from others' use of devices. More...

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Silent Sam, Still Standing

HomeBy Emma Whitford. The fate of Silent Sam, a statue of a nondescript Confederate soldier, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has been the subject of debate for years, and the debate has been especially intense in the last year. More...

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173.000ème article sur le blog / Higher Education in a World Where Students Never Graduate

HomeBy Chris Dellarocas. The push for lifelong learning is fueling competition from alternative providers, but colleges and universities have a secret weapon: the deep bond they form with students, which should lead to a lifelong relationship, Chris Dellarocas writes...
Lifelong learners do not just need to “consume learning in short spurts when they need it.” They also need lifelong advice about when it might be time to consider a change of career direction and, if so, how to best prepare for the next stage of their journey. They can derive value from staying connected to networks of fellow alumni, faculty and current students. Universities have a unique opportunity to become our learners’ hub of knowledge, mentoring and networking for life. Such a relationship is much more difficult to commoditize than one based on content/knowledge alone.
The original meaning of the word “alumnus” in Latin is “foster child.” In a world where students never really graduate, the role of the university is to take lifelong care of them, as we would take care of our true foster children. The transformation is not going to be easy: it will involve change in the way we handle everything, from academics to career counseling and alumni relations. But it is going to both better serve 21st-century learners and, ultimately, leave our institutions stronger in the face of a potentially disruptive future. More...

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