30 juin 2018

Aurora College

By Alex Usher. The Government of the Northwest Territories published a Foundational Review of Aurora College, which is causing something of a stir north of 60.  Recent times have not been good for the college. More...

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Chinese Higher Education in Four Graphs

By Alex Usher. Every once in awhile you have to just sit and marvel at what the Chinese government has managed to pull off in higher education.  Since the turn of the millennium, enrolments have increased five-fold. More...

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More York

By Alex Usher. Judging by most of my mail bag, yesterday’s piece on the York strike was a hit.  So, I thought I would throw in two tidbits which I didn’t really get to yesterday, as well as give my suggestion for a way out of the strike. More...

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The York Strike

By Alex Usher. Back on March 5, CUPE local 3903, which represents graduate students, contract faculty and graduate assistants at York University, went on strike. A university offer was resoundingly rejected by the union membership in early April.  The union has consistently rejected arbitration. More...

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The Canadian Way of Quality Assurance

By Alex Usher. Occasionally, I write pieces noting how oddball Canadian higher education is in international context, usually in ways that are poorly understood.  I want to do that again today, specifically with the notion of external quality assurance, a topic so foreign to much of Canadian academia that it sounds entirely made up. More...

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Post-Secondary Education, Skills, and Growth

By Alex Usher. Over the weekend, I’ve been doing two things: obsessing about who I am going to vote for in this godawful Ontario election, and reading about post-Soviet Russia (in particular, Stephen Kotkin’s Armageddon Averted: The Soviet Collapse, 1970-2000). More...

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Critical Friends

By Alex Usher. A few times a year I get asked to help with the drafting a university or college’s strategic plan.  Usually nothing major: a little bit of environmental scanning, talking about industry trends, that kind of thing.  I think I do enough to get a decent sense of where the pain points are in academic and strategic planning. More...

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Two Ways of Thinking About Student Aid and Equity

By Alex Usher. Take two students.  One of them comes from a poor family and needs student aid, the other, by dint of having wealthier parents, is either ineligible for aid, or can manage somehow to get through school without it.  One therefore finishes school with debt and the other does not.  Because the debt carries interest, the poor student pays “more” than the better-off student.  And because the poorer student will start their career with debt and the other one will not, student aid and post-secondary education are fundamentally “regressive”. More...

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Better Feedback

By Alex Usher. Universities (and to a lesser extent colleges) are sometimes accused of being change-resistant.  Various stakeholders have lots of valuable feedback to give, so the critique goes, but institutions Just. Don’t Listen.   This critique has some merit but misses the mark in some major ways.  Institutions solicit and receive feedback all the time. More...

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Quels liens entre les usages professionnels des outils numériques et les conditions de travail ? (DARES)

« En constante progression depuis la fin des années 1990, l’usage des outils informatiques, messageries et réseaux continue de se généraliser dans le quotidien d’une majorité de salariés, s’accompagnant de modifications notables sur leurs conditions de travail.
Le taux d’utilisation de ces technologies varie cependant d’une catégorie socioprofessionnelle à une autre : en 2013, plus de 90 % des cadres sont ainsi connectés contre un peu plus de 10 % des ouvriers. Il existe également une grande hétérogénéité des usages selon que l’utilisateur est non connecté, mobile, sédentaire peu intensif, modéré ou intensif.
Les usages des technologies de l’information et de la communication étant associés à un contexte de travail spécifique, ils peuvent être corrélés au développement de l’autonomie au travail, d’un sentiment de satisfaction ou d’une relation de confiance entre l’entreprise et le salarié, ou, au contraire, à des conditions de travail dégradées et des facteurs de risques psychosociaux… »

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