30 juin 2018

Garantie du pouvoir d’achat

Sur le blog "Histoires d'universités" de Pierre Dubois. Pour certains fonctionnaires, création d’une indemnité de garantie individuelle du pouvoir d’achat (GIPA) : décret du 17 novembre 2017.
En ligne, un simulateur pour calculer le montant de la prime, pour la période allant du 31 décembre 2012 et le 31 décembre 2016. Plus...

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Mai 68. La Liberté au cœur

Sur le blog "Histoires d'universités" de Pierre Dubois. Strasbourg, Musée historique, exposition jusqu’au 14 octobre 2018, Mai 1968 : la Liberté au cœur. Deux mois de fièvre et deux mille ans d’histoire en 22 leçons. Plus...

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Go Have Fun

By Alex Usher. Summertime.  Class is out.  Time for relaxing and writing.
I’ll be shutting down the blog for a few weeks.  Back regularly as of August 27th, but may post once or twice over the summer in response to any big news or report releases. More...

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Management (or Lack Thereof)

By Alex Usher. There are steady complains about over-management or micro-management in universities.  And, sometimes, there’s a lot of truth to the complaints.  But I argue that in North America, there’s a pretty good case that universities are under-managed, and that an awful lot of the sector’s problems can be traced to under-management. More...

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Student Debt Not Increasing Whatsoever (Shocker)

By Alex Usher. Hi all.  How’s the summer working out so far? 
I promised I would be back with a blog just as soon as the folks at the Canadian Undergraduate Survey Consortium (CUSC) published their triennial survey of graduating students, which is the most regular and arguably the best source of information we have on student debt. More...

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Savings Plans

By Alex Usher. One of the unique aspects of Canada’s higher education funding system is its regime of Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) and various kinds of public subsidies to these plans – the Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG), the Alternative Canada Education Savings Grants (A-CESG) and the Canada Learning Bond. More...

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Why Student Debt Won’t Fall

By Alex Usher. Since 2011, the amount of grant aid available to students has increased enormously in Canada.  Partly that’s due to the 2016 Federal, Ontario and New Brunswick budgets, which shifted a whole whack of tax credits to grants, as well a more long-term shift towards grants and away from loans in both Ontario and Quebec as well as, more recently, Prince Edward Island as well. More...

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Post-Soviet Higher Education

By Alex Usher. As loyal readers know, I am a big believer that Soviet Higher Education teaches some real eternal truths about our sector (see here and here in particular).  This week I’ve been reading a book of essays called 25 Years of Transformations of Higher Education Systems in Post-Soviet Countries: Reform and Continuity. More...

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A Decline in Apprenticeships?

By Alex Usher. A few years ago, I made the observation that Canada’s big run-up in apprenticeship numbers was highly correlated with the commodity price super-cycle (in particular, the price of oil) and that an era of low energy/commodity prices might lead to a big decrease in demand for apprentices. More...

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A Taxonomy of Private Universities

By Alex Usher. When people hear the words “private higher education”, most North Americans’ imaginations immediately jump to one of two mental images: prestigious Ivy League universities, or predatory chains of private colleges like ITT Technical Institutes or Corinthian Colleges or something like that.  But private higher education globally is actually more varied than this.  Let’s take a quick tour. More...

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