28 juin 2018

Efforts grow to make higher-ed recruitment more equitable for low-income students

eCampus NewsAs institutions face criticism over disparities in different racial groups’ access to higher education, a record number of universities have pledged to focus on enrolling low-income students. More...

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Court rules feds violated privacy law for Corinthian students

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A federal court has ruled that the Education Department violated privacy laws with regard to students defrauded by the Corinthian for-profit college chain. More...

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Is college tennis in danger?

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On a chilly day at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York this month, Jackie Tang, a sophomore at Columbia University, was embroiled in a tight match in the NCAA men’s tennis tournament. More...

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Higher ed IT pulse study from TeamDynamix

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The 2018 TDX Higher Ed Market Study from TeamDynamix has been released and the results indicate college and university information technology departments will focus more on creating a unified student experience. More...

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Morthland College is closing

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Morthland College, the beleaguered private Christian college in West Frankfort, will be closing its doors permanently, according to an attorney who represents the school. More...

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Republicans, Democrats disagree about the point of higher ed

University Business Magazine logoThe think tank New America has a new report out on Americans’ perceptions of higher education. Researchers Ernest Ezeugo, Rachel Fishman, and Sophie Nguyen conducted a survey of American adults in partnership with polling firm Ipsos that solicited respondents’ views on the value and purpose of college. More...

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University of Portland, Knox College ban plastic straws

University Business Magazine logoAmericans use more than 500 million straws every day — more than one per man, woman, and child. Most of them end up in the landfill or in the ocean, endangering sea creatures, as this heartbreaking viral video of a sea turtle illustrates. Numerous campaigns in England and some U.S. cities have sprung up to ban these sucky polluters. More...

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Pros, cons of online learning for students with disabilities

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Online learning can provide a practical, workable option for diverse populations of learners, including students with various kinds of disabilities. More...

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Unlike Mount Ida, Quincy College took the high road

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The traumatic shutdown of Mount Ida College in Newton didn’t have to cause as much turmoil as it did for students. A few towns away, another college faced its own crisis — and handled it much better. More...

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Portfolium chosen by Rochester Institute of Technology

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Portfolium, the only Student Success Network that connects teachers, students and employers has partnered with the Rochester Institute of technology to help students increase their odds of landing an interview or job offer by strengthening their skills-based portfolios. More...

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