22 mai 2018

Eligible for Aid, but Not Getting It

HomeBy Ashley A. Smith. Despite filing federal applications and being eligible for aid, many low-income students in California are going without millions of dollars in Pell Grants. More...

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Plus de 10 000 contrats de professionnalisation signés en Pays de la Loire en 2014

Orientation Pays de la LoireEn 2014, 10 137 contrats de professionnalisation ont été signés en Pays de la Loire. Les contrats sont principalement des CDD avec une durée moyenne de 13 mois. Les établissements ayant recours aux contrats de professionnalisation sont en grande partie des PME dont les activités économiques sont liées au tertiaire (commerce, services administratifs et de soutien, services financiers et d’assurance…), ce qui tend à une forte concentration des contrats dans les métropoles régionales, en particulier Nantes. Plus...

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S'informer sur l'emploi non-salarié, enrichir ses pratiques

Orientation Pays de la LoireApporter un éclairage sur la réalité de l’emploi non-salarié, partager l’information sur les dispositifs et modalités d’accompagnement des publics, ce sont les objectifs du nouvel atelier thématique du Spro qui se déroulera le jeudi 7 juin à Angers. Plus...

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À réécouter : "Quartiers sensibles, le fardeau du CV"

Orientation Pays de la LoireA l’occasion du lancement de l’expérimentation des "emplois francs", l’émission "Interception" sur France inter, a consacré son reportage du 1er avril 2018 à l’insertion des personnes issues de quartiers sensibles. Une émission à écouter ou réécouter. Plus...

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Dealing with the scourge of sexual violence and harassment in universities

By Sharon Dell – Acting Africa Editor. In this week’s edition, there are two contributions which raise the pressing problem of gender-based violence, sexual harassment and gender inequality on African university campuses. In Africa Analysis, Ayenachew A Woldegiyorgis takes the prevalence of sexual violence towards women on Ethiopian university campuses as a starting point for a discussion on gender inequality in the country’s universities, while in Africa Features Tunde Fatunde reports on how a recent sex-for-marks scandal at a Nigerian university highlights not only the prevalence of the scourge, but the collective complicity of society and its institutions which serves to drive it.
   As an antidote to rather grim subject matter, a news report by Munyaradzi Makoni about a fellowship programme run by the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Next Einstein Initiative aimed specifically at women scientists, provides evidence that female empowerment is happening in some quarters of academia.
   In other news from around the continent, we report on the recent launch of the first African Research Universities Alliance centre of excellence which is to be based at the University of Cape Town in South Africa; Kudzai Mashininga reports from Zimbabwe on a new government-driven plan to create university towns or cities around higher education institutions; and Maina Waruru reports on a recent announcement of the fellows and projects for the 2018 Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program.
   In World Blog, Nita Temmerman questions whether single, high-stakes exams effectively measure genuine student learning and suggests other methods of assessment that provide students with constructive feedback to help them improve. More...

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Are the professional learning needs of teachers neglected in internationalisation of HE?

By Brendan O’Malley – Managing Editor. In Commentary this week, Ly Tran and Truc Le say increasing internationalisation in tertiary education makes it necessary for teachers to be provided with professional learning that enables them to effectively address the learning needs of international students. Ayenachew A Woldegiyorgis considers what can be done to address rife sexual violence and gender bias on university campuses in Ethiopia. R Ponnusamy says India needs to recognise that it will take more than funds to build India’s top higher education institutions to world-class status. And Obafemi Ogunleye writes that as new partners seek to enter the African health market through higher education, institutions that are already working in these communities should be setting the ground rules.
   In our section on Academic Freedom, Brendan O’Malley reports on a settlement of US$300,000 to be paid by Washington State University in the US to a leading researcher to resolve a complaint about infringement of academic freedom by university administrators whom he accused of trying to silence him and impede his research.
   In our World Blog, Nita Temmerman questions whether single, high-stakes exams effectively measure genuine student learning and suggests other methods of assessment that provide students with constructive feedback to help them improve.
   In Features, Tunde Fatunde writes that a recent sex-for-marks scandal at a Nigerian university has highlighted the prevalence of the problem in the country’s universities and the difficulties in addressing it. And Jan Petter Myklebust reports that some universities in Europe are answering French President Emmanuel Macron’s call for 20 European university networks, but some stakeholders warn of ambiguities in his vision and the European Students’ Union warns against ‘elitism’. More...

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Open Source Courseware

Open Source Courseware
Now this isn't so hard, is it? "Why isn't there an open-source courseware package that's as easy to use and customizable as something like Movable Type. More...

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Fossil Fun

Fossil Fun
I spent more than half an hour putting bones together on this site - a half hour I didn't really have, which shows how addictive this site is. Really, don't click on this link unless you want to be drawn into the world of fossil fun. But do click on it if you want to see how computers can make even dry subjects come alive. More...

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Parents Should Be Aware of Ads Posing as Games

Parents Should Be Aware of Ads Posing as Games
Welcome to the world of advergaming, the practice whereby advertisers market to kids by creative attractive games chock full of brand name promotions. This article explores several advergaming sites, including Nick.com, where a required plug-in is "a technological trojan horse for pushing slick ad messages on my 11-year-old son." Advertisers know what educators seem to have forgotten: that online gaming will catch and hold a child's attention. More...

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World's First Brain Prosthesis Revealed

World's First Brain Prosthesis Revealed
This story about the artificial hippocampus has been all over the web; I covered it in NewsTrolls a few days ago but not here because I didn't really see the connection with online learning. But in thinking about it, I began to see some possibilities. The hippocampus, after all, is the part of the brain that encodes experiences so they can be stored as long-term memories elsewhere in the brain. More...

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