14 mai 2018

US pull-out of Iran deal will hit academic cooperation

By Wagdy Sawahel. United States President Donald Trump’s decision to pull the US out of a landmark international nuclear accord with Iran and reimpose US sanctions on Iran will have a negative effect on the US-based Iranian academic diaspora and will hamper ongoing US-Iran higher education cooperation, experts have said. More...

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Academic positions rigged at Swedish universities?

By Jan Petter Myklebust. An investigation into hiring practices at three Swedish universities has provided evidence that in their recruitment processes many universities may not be following the requirements of the law to find the best candidates and that many appointments may be rigged. More...

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Brexit hits European interest in studying in the UK

By Brendan O’Malley. Nearly two in five prospective students from within the European Union said they were less interested in studying in the United Kingdom because of Brexit and nearly one in three are not aware that students who start their course in 2018-19 would continue to pay the same fees as domestic students for the duration of their course, according to a new survey. More...

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Connectivity is common factor in top HE systems

By Brendan O’Malley. The top five higher education systems are the United States followed by Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Denmark, according to the latest Universitas 21 Ranking. More...

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Attacks on schools and universities are on the rise

By Brendan O’Malley. The 300-page report, Education under Attack 2018, identifies more than 12,700 attacks from 2013 through 2017, harming more than 21,000 students and educators. More...

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Attacks on schools and universities have increased over the past five years

By Brendan O’Malley – Managing Editor. In our lead News story, Brendan O’Malley reports on the disturbing findings of the latest Education under Attack report that deliberate and indiscriminate attacks on schools and universities have become more widespread over the past five years.
   In Commentary, Rosie Birchard wonders if universities in Europe – in their haste to internationalise their programmes – have misjudged the scale of the problem mobile students face in finding suitable and affordable accommodation. Hakan Ergin and Bruno Morche contend that distance learning is a key pathway – particularly for emerging countries – to facilitate equal opportunities for higher education internationalisation that go beyond physical mobility. Futao Huang and Tsukasa Daizen outline the findings of a survey of university leaders in Japan showing that internationalisation of Japanese higher education is highly valued and academically prioritised, with revenue generation viewed as a low priority, unlike the US and UK where generating money is a prime driver of internationalisation. And Peter van der Hijden says the upcoming Paris Ministerial Conference is an opportunity to rethink European higher education and to revitalise the Bologna Process.
   In our World Blog, Kirk Perris writes about how blended learning – combining distance and face-to-face learning – can boost access to higher education in countries such as Nigeria where universities are facing immense enrolment pressures.
   In Features, Yojana Sharma reports on China’s ambitious plans for ‘global dominance’ in artificial intelligence and its efforts to boost research and the training of talent in this high-tech field of the future. Wagdy Sawahel discusses a research report on corruption in higher education in Ukraine, which looks at the possible reasons behind this scourge and suggests a range of changes to combat corruption. And Christabel Ligami reports on recommendations put forward by the Commission for University Education in Kenya to boost quality in higher education. More...

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Learning Object Repository Information Session

Learning Object Repository Information Session
Following from the previous post (but preceeding it in time), the community-building efforts have already started in Canada as forums are being held across the country to foster knowledge and information about learning objects and repositories. More...

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We've Got The Tech, Lets Build Some Communities

We've Got The Tech, Lets Build Some Communities
More from the quarterly IMS meeting held yesterday in Vancouver. This article captures the flavour of the day as a whole, noting that there is a shift underway in IMS from developing standards to developing communities. More...

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The Hard Life and Restless Mind of America's Education Billionaire

The Hard Life and Restless Mind of America's Education Billionaire

From elearningpost comes this link to a story about the University of Phoenix's John Sperling. The story portrays Sperling as a rebel, railing against the dusty cobwebs of academia. More...

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As Pete MacKay summarizes, "Teachersplanet.com is a community for teachers who are interested in growing their careers. The site is well organized and contains subject-specific professional guides and comprehensive resources for the classroom." You'll also find some job listings on the site, some shopping, personal tools and special interest areas. More...

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