06 mai 2018

Social Media as 'Fair Game' in Admissions

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Admissions leaders may be changing their attitudes about the appropriateness of looking at applicants' social media accounts, a new survey finds, with a large share saying they consider it legitimate to view applicants' social media postings. At the same time, only a minority are actually viewing them. And that minority may be shrinking. More...

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New Offensive Video From Syracuse Fraternity

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Last week, Syracuse University first suspended and then expelled its chapter of Theta Tau after The Daily Orange published video of an initiation ceremony that featured members mocking black, Latino, Jewish and gay people and using slurs about all of them. More...

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HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Philosopher discusses his new book about how Americans respond to frank discussions of racism -- and about harassment he received for an essay in The New York Times. More...

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Rules Change Could Threaten LSAT Dominance

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. The push to end the dominance of the LSAT in law school admissions scored a big win last week. But the fight over the issue is far from over -- and some portrayals of last week's news may have overstated its immediate implications. More...

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University Press of New England Will Shut Down

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Dartmouth College announced this week that the University Press of New England will be shut down by the end of the calendar year.
The press was founded in 1970 as a consortium and once was supported by 10 colleges and universities. But for the last two years, the consortium has fallen in size to two: Brandeis University and Dartmouth College. Staff members at the press have been employed by Dartmouth, which also houses the operations. More...

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Video of Fraternity Initiation Shows Use of Slurs

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Minority students and others at Syracuse University held a protest Wednesday over racist incidents on campus, highlighted by the publication in the student newspaper of a video of a fraternity initiation that includes slurs about black, Latino and Jewish people, as well as skits that mock the idea of gay sex, Syracuse.com reported. More...

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How Colleges Are Tackling Affordability

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Inside Higher Ed is pleased today to release our latest print-on-demand booklet, "How Colleges Are Tackling Affordability." You may download a copy, free, here. More...

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$100 Million Gift for Brain Science at Brown

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Brown University on Wednesday announced a $100 million gift for its brain science institute. The gift is from Robert J. Carney, an alumnus, and Nancy D. Carney, his wife. More...

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WORKSHOP Internazionalizzazione degli Studi Berberi / Internationalisation des Études Berbères.

14-16 mai 2018, Università degli Studi di Napoli “L’Orientale”, Naples

Séminaire commun AMU – INALCO – UNIOR

- Programme provisoire du Workshop AMU - INALCO - UNIOR 14-16 mai 2018, Naples (PDF - 123.8 ko)

En savoir plus sur le séminaire

Laurea Magistrale/Doppio Titolo Diplôme de Master en Partenariat International/ AMU (Aix-Marseille) - UNIOR (Naples) - INALCO (Paris)
Con il sostegno dell’Università Franco-Italiana/ Programma Vinci Avec le soutien de l’Université Franco-Italienne / Programme Vinci

14-16 Maggio 2018/14-16 Mai 2018
Università degli Studi di Napoli “L’Orientale”
Palazzo Du Mesnil - Sala consiliare
Via Chiatamone - 61/62
Palazzo Corigliano - Piazza S. Domenico Maggiore
Sala degli Specchi - IV piano

LUNEDÌ 14 Maggio/Lundi 14 Mai
Palazzo Du Mesnil - Sala conferenze
Via Chiatamone - 61/62

9.30-10.00 - Saluti di Benvenuto/Allocution de bienvenue
10.00-10.45 - Introduzione/ Introduction - Anna Maria DI TOLLA
Les Berbères entre revendications, réconciliation et transition démocratique en Afrique du Nord
10.45-11.00 - Discussion/Discussione
11.00-11.15 - Pausa caffé/tè/Pause-café/thé
11.15-12.00 - Discorso di apertura/Discours d’ouverture : SalemCHAKER
L’aménagement du berbère : un chantier difficile et incertain
12.00-12.15 - Discussion/Discussione
Sessione I - Variazioni lessicali ed espressioni idiomatiche berbere
Section I – Variations lexicales et expressions idiomatiques berbères
Presidente di sessione/Président de séance : Salem CHAKER
12.15-12.35 - Khalid BOUYAALA (Lecteur / Doctorant - AMU)
Diversité lexicale du berbère : Quelques éléments de comparaison entre le chleuh et le rifain
12.35-12.55 - Driss RABIH (Master 2 - INALCO)
Étude sémantico-syntaxique des expressions idiomatiques berbères - Parler Ait Hmad u Ɛisa, Maroc central
12.55-13.15 - Discutants : Salem CHAKER - Kamal NAÏT ZERAD
13.15 - Pranzo/Déjeuner
Sessione I – Grammaticalizzazione verbale e aspetti di toponimia rurale
Section I – Grammaticalisation verbal et aspects de toponymie rurale
Presidente di sessione/Président de séance : Kamal NAÏT ZERAD
15.00-15.20 - Valentina SCHIATTARELLA (Post-doc - UNIOR)
La grammaticalisation verbale en siwi (Egypte)
15.20-15.40 - Zakia GHALIB (Master 2 - AMU)
Le rifain est-il un dialecte zénète ?
15.40-16.00 - Hassan AÏT LAHCEN (Master 2 - INALCO)
Toponymie villageoise du Dadès - Sud-est marocain
16.00-16.20 - Bianca GRIMALDI (Master 2/LM - UNIOR)
Le système verbal dans quelques variantes berbérophones orientales: analyse et comparaisons
16.20-16.40 - Discutants: Abdellah BOUNFOUR - Kamal NAÏT ZERAD
16.40-16.55 - Pausa caffé/tè/Pause-café/thé
16.55-17.30 - Note e proposte/Notes et propositions
17.30-17.50 - Discutants : Anna Maria Di Tolla -Valentina Schiattarella
20.00 - Cena/Dîner

Palazzo Corigliano - Piazza S. Domenico Maggiore
Sala degli Specchi - IV piano

9.30-10.15 - Discorso di apertura/Discours d’ouverture : Abdellah BOUNFOUR
Littérature chleuh (à partir des documents inédits A. Roux)
10.15-10.30 - Discussion/Discussione
Sessione II - Produzione letteraria berbera orale e scritta /Section II - Production littéraire berbère orale et écrite
Presidente di sessione/Président de séance : Daniela MEROLLA
10.30-10.50 - Nacira ABROUS (Dottore di ricerca/Docteur - AMU)
La production littéraire féminine kabyle récente
10.50-11.10 - Hachemi KERRACHE (Doctorant/Dottorando - Tizi Ouzou)
La poésie kabyle, présentation et fonction
11.10-11.25 - Pausa caffé/Pause-café
11.25-11.45 - Ahmed TALIBI (Master 1 - AMU)
Une approche sociologique de la production écrite en Tamazight du Sud-est marocain
11.45-12.15 - Discutants - Abdellah BOUNFOUR - Daniela MEROLLA
13.00 - Pranzo/Déjeuner
14.30-15.15 - Discorso di apertura/Discours d’ouverture : Dahbia ABROUS
Les cahiers d’écoliers du fonds A. Roux
15.15-15.30 - Discussione/Discussion
Sessione III - Politiche coloniali e resistenza berbera
Section III - Politiques coloniales et résistance berbère
Président de séance/ Presidente di sessione: Abdellah BOUNFOUR
15.30-15.50 - Margherita RASULO (LM/Master 1 - UNIOR)
Résistance des femmes libyennes pendant le colonialisme italien. Une absence dans l’histoire
15.50-16.10 - Mauro MOSCHITTA (LM/Master 1 - UNIOR)
Les politiques berbères coloniales au Maroc : Quelques aspects du ‘Dahir berbère’
16.10-16.30 - Luca BARTOLI (LM/Master 2 - UNIOR)
The role of the Berbers and the Tripolitan Republic (1918-1922)
16.30-17.00 - Discutants: Dahbia ABROUS - Daniela MEROLLA
17.00-17.15 - Pause-café/thé/pausa caffé/tè
17.15-18.00 - Note e proposte/Notes et propositions
18.00-18.30 - Discutants: Dahbia Abrous - Anna Maria Di Tolla
20.00 - Cena/Dîner

15.00-15.45 - Discorso di apertura/Discours d’ouverture : Daniela MEROLLA
Déconstructions du « printemps arabe » et renégociations culturelles amazighes sur le Web
15.45-16.00 - Discussione/Discussion
Sessione III - Rivendicazioni, movimenti e ri-negoziazioni berbere
Section III - Revendications, mouvements et renégociations berbères
Presidente di sessione/Président de séance : Abdellah BOUNFOUR
16.00-16.20 - Alessia COLONNELLI (LM/Master 1 - UNIOR)
Proteste e Movimenti popolari nel Rif (Marocco)
16.20-16.40 - Michela GAZZILLO (Master 1/LM - UNIOR)
The Qeer Question in Morocco
16.40-17.00 - Antonio URTI
Sahara algérien et Kabylie
17.00-17.15 - Pausa caffé/tè/Pause-café/thé
17.15-17.40 - Discutants : Anna Maria Di Tolla - Daniela Merolla
Conclusioni. Gli studi berberi e nuove prospettive di ricerca/Conclusions. Les études berbères et nouvelles perspectives de recherche
Presidente di sessione/Président de séance : Salem CHAKER
17.40-18.15 - Dahbia ABROUS - Abdellah BOUNFOUR - Anna Maria DI TOLLA - Daniela MEROLLA - Kamal NAÏT ZERAD
18.15-18.45 - Discussione/Discussion
20.00 - Cena/Dîner. Plus...


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Harvard Will Bargain with Grad Assistant Union

HomeBy Colleen Flaherty. Harvard University said Tuesday that it will honor the results of the recent graduate student union election and engage in collective bargaining with the new United Auto Workers-affiliated chapter. More...

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