23 avril 2018

Utah Education Network selects Blackboard Ally

University Business Magazine logoThe Utah Education Network (UEN) has partnered with Blackboard Inc. to give hundreds of thousands of students access to a more inclusive learning environment. As part of the collaboration, UEN will implement Blackboard Ally, a revolutionary product that focuses on making digital course content more accessible, at 9 universities across the state. More...

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UM to offer free Wi-Fi to downtown Montevallo

University Business Magazine logoThe University of Montevallo is partnering with the City of Montevallo to offer Wi-Fi access to downtown Montevallo. The Wi-Fi system is intended for UM students, Montevallo residents and visitors for personal use while enjoying the downtown area. More...

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Flagships go national

University Business Magazine logoFounded by and for their states, public flagship universities are increasingly becoming national institutions with students from across the country. More...

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The university is fake. The laughs are real.

University Business Magazine logoWith all the catcalls, cheers and interruptions, it took awhile for the roll call to proceed at the three loudest tables on a bustling restaurant patio along the Riverwalk here Thursday night. More...

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Faire de la recherche sur les mondes islamiques médiévaux - Réunion d’information – 14 mai 2018

Réunion d’information – 14 mai 2018
Faire de la recherche sur les mondes islamiques médiévaux
Histoire, Histoire de l’art, Archéologie, Islamologie, Littérature, Linguistique


Vous vous intéressez aux mondes islamiques médiévaux, à leurs origines, à leur histoire, à leur patrimoine, à leur héritage, aux traces et aux influences qu’ils ont laissées dans le monde d’aujourd’hui ?
Vous réfléchissez à vous inscrire en master recherche ou en doctorat ? Venez rencontrer les enseignants-chercheurs d’Aix-Marseille Université spécialistes des mondes islamiques médiévaux et découvrir l’actualité et les perspectives de la recherche dans un champ en profond renouvellement.
Rendez-vous lundi 14 mai de 10h à 12h30 (Aix-en-Provence, site Schuman, salle A104). La discussion se prolongera au restaurant La Terrasse de Maxime (repas payant).
Pour s’inscrire, écrire à julien.loiseau@univ-amu.fr
Plus d’information : mohamed.ouerfelli@univ-amu.fr ou camille.rhone@univ-amu.fr

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Northwest Lineman College reaps benefits of Quanta acquisition

University Business Magazine logoThe acquisition of Northwest Lineman College by Fortune 500 company Quanta Services, Inc. earlier this year seems to only mean good things for the trade school so far, about three months into the “unique marriage,” as the Oroville campus president refers to it. More...

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Amazon Machine Learning for Education Webinars

University Business Magazine logoFrom API-driven services to platform services, this webinar series helps educational institutions get started with Machine Learning on AWS. More...

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Why you shouldn’t be afraid of open source software

University Business Magazine logoIn 2006, a group of small colleges was at a crossroads. The grant that the schools had received to pay for the license for its commercial Learning Management System (LMS) had come to an end, and the schools couldn’t afford to continue paying for it.  One attractive alternative was an open source LMS. More...

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Sprouting the next generation of agricultural leaders

University Business Magazine logoImagine a relay race with no one to hand off the torch? This is the daunting challenge we face with the future of agricultural education. Nationwide, fewer than one out of ten students are likely to consider agriculture as a career and among agricultural students, one out of ten will actually consider agricultural education as an option. More than 30 states have a shortage of agriculture teachers. More...

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Inquiring college undergrads

University Business Magazine logoRegional public colleges and universities have ramped up undergraduates’ involvement in faculty research to drive recruitment, retention and revenues. More...

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