31 mars 2018

‘Not your father’s education’—how digital innovation is changing one university

eCampus NewsAt Penn State, technology and innovation cross paths to make classroom experiences more authentic. More...

At Penn State, technology and innovation cross paths to make classroom experiences more authentic

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How to apply compulsion loop thinking to higher ed

eCampus NewsIn “4 reasons why student success is misdefined in higher ed and how data can fix it,” we tackled the mis-definition of student success and the need for more actionable data. More...

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Artificial intelligence: Enhancing learning or threatening the academy?

eCampus NewsA recent Northeastern University/Gallup poll found most Americans optimistic about artificial intelligence’s (AI) impact on their futures while, at the same time, expecting the net effect of AI to be an overall reduction in jobs. More...

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What it takes to be a successful dean

eCampus NewsIt’s no secret that the field of higher education is experiencing significant and sustained disruption. Cuts to government funding, proliferation of lower-cost models, and increasing costs of wooing high-demand students are applying pressure to universities’ top- and bottom-line growth. More...

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5 questions to ask about hyperconvergence software

eCampus NewsAll of a sudden, software has become all the rage in hyperconvergence. Just the hint of switching from an appliance model to a software model is enough to get financial analysts in a tizzy and the price of a stock soaring. More...

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5 lessons on starting successful apprenticeship programs

eCampus NewsThe future jobs today’s students will hold will require new skills. According to the World Economic Forum, knowledge sets such as problem solving, creativity, and cognitive flexibility are growing in importance in all industries. More...

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What do you know about Intelligent Capture?

eCampus NewsIntelligent Capture is a straightforward solution that can revolutionize departments across campus. More...

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How to foster innovation while keeping data private

eCampus NewsIT infrastructure at colleges and universities has become increasingly complicated as availability, performance, and student success compete with security. But the threat landscape continues to expand, as evidenced by the growing number of cyber attacks in the sector (education institutions are the number-one target for ransomware attacks). More...

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La qualité de l'offre de formation permet d'améliorer la vigilance face aux risques de dérives sectaires et thérapeuthiques

carif espace-compétencesRAPPORT DE LA MIVILUDES
Remise du rapport annuel de la mission interministérielle de vigilance et de lutte contre les dérives sectaires au Premier ministre
Contribution de la Délégation générale à l’emploi et à la formation professionnelle
« L’amélioration de la qualité des actions de formation professionnelle continue a été l’un des enjeux forts de la loi n° 2014-288 du 5 mars 2014 relative à la formation professionnelle, à l’emploi et à la démocratie sociale, avec notamment la création d’un nouvel article du code du travail qui y est consacré (article L.6316-1).
Depuis le 1er janvier 2017, les organismes collecteurs paritaires agréés (OPCA), les organismes paritaires agréés pour la prise en charge du congé individuel de formation (OPACIF), l’État, les régions, Pôle emploi et l’Agefiph doivent s’assurer – lorsqu’ils financent une action de formation professionnelle continue – de la capacité de l’organisme de formation à dispenser une formation de qualité.
Cette exigence permettra d’améliorer également la vigilance face aux risques de dérives sectaires et thérapeutiques… »

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Top 5 cyber threats and how to protect your university

eCampus NewsHigher-ed IT security professionals have their hands full contending with the various cyber threats coming their way, such as hackers using malware to compromise and take over crucial systems. With the vast amounts of private data that they gather, store, and analyze, higher ed institutions are a prime target for these kinds of attacks. More...

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