31 mars 2018

The Story Behind the Planets Named After Qatar

Al Fanar

You may or may not have heard of Qatar 6-b. It’s the latest of six planets which orbit a star other than our sun—also known as exoplanets—to share the name of the Gulf state.
It was discovered in December 2017 by Khalid al-Subai, senior research director of special projects at Hamad bin Khalifa University, who leads the Qatar Exoplanet Survey. More...

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Researcher in Qatar Hunts for New Antibiotics

Al Fanar

Doctors are finding it increasingly tough to treat infections due to a rising number of bacteria strains that are resistant to antibiotics. Nowhere is that truer than the Middle East, where it is still commonplace to buy the drugs over the counter without a prescription. More...

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Using Artificial Intelligence to Read Arabic Comics

Al Fanar

A computer scientist at the American University of Beirut is using artificial intelligence to classify the content of Arabic comics, applying the computer-based science to this cutting-edge art form in the Arab world. More...

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A New Film Focuses on 4 Arab Researchers’ Lives in Exile

Al Fanar

Television broadcasts and newspapers frequently carry the stories of refugees’ suffering around the world. But a new documentary, Science in Exile, has an unusual focus:  It zeroes in on the situation of four Arab refugees who are researchers. More...

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Puntland Makes Strides in Expanding School Access

Al Fanar

As dawn breaks in this city, the capital of the Puntland region of Somalia, hundreds of schoolchildren fill the roads, carrying bags and books as they head to classes to receive education that many of their parents missed during decades of civil war. More...

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A Refugee Camp’s Teachers Get Some Welcome Global Support

Al Fanar

Six years ago, Ochwor Onak Okwier wasn’t sure if he was properly educating his students at this crowded refugee camp in northwestern Kenya. Today, two years after completing a teacher-training program, he’s more confident. More...

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For Many Somali Girls, Education Ends With a Brutal Ritual

Al Fanar

Nasra Ahmed, 13, hasn’t gone to school this year. She wants to study. But she can’t attend classes because over the December holiday she underwent a brutal procedure known as female genital mutilation, or FGM. More...

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U.S. Group Matches Refugees With Employers

Al Fanar

Seven years ago, Mohammad H. was an Internet technology student, with the war in Syria erupting around him. But he stayed focused on his studies—until the day a stray rocket landed in the courtyard of his university during a math exam. More...

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Mental-Health Care on Arab Campuses is Increasing—Slowly

Al Fanar

Often, a university provides a rare chance for a young person to access mental-health care without judgment or fear of family members finding out. More...

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Final Four: Having “nun” of the old-school analytics

eCampus NewsWhen doing analysis to get data that is most helpful, it is important to ask the best question you can. More...

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