25 mars 2018

Left Out of the HAIL Storm

By Joshua Kim. This week, I’m spending two days at a small, invite-only gathering of postsecondary learning innovation leaders.  This is the 3rd iteration of the HAIL Storm, with HAIL standing for Harvesting Academic Innovation for Learners. More...

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Reacting to the HAIL Storm

By Joshua Kim. The 3rd Harvesting Academic Innovation for Learners (HAIL) Storm is done.  The 35 attendees from 27 colleges and universities are making their way home from CSU Channel Islands. More...

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Should Academic Centers Be as Contentious as Academic Departments?

By Joshua Kim. The downsides of playing nice.
How are traditional academic departments and academic centers different. More...

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The 'Hamilton Effect' in Higher Education

By Joshua Kim. Does scarcity distort or enlarge?
My family wants to go to a Broadway show. More...

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75 Million Reasons To Invest In Educators

By Joshua Kim. What lessons should we be learning from the closure of the University of Texas System’s Institute for Transformational Learning (ITL)?  
We will all have many conclusions from the ITL story (what are yours?), but for me the big takeaways are all about how we think of innovation in higher education. More...

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Higher Education Leaders and the Falling Total Fertility Rate

By Joshua Kim. Did this 2/13/18 NYTimes headline catch the attention of college leaders throughout the land. More...

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'The Wizard and the Prophet' and our EdTech Conversation

By Joshua Kim. How an early candidate for the best book of 2018 made me reconsider how I think about technology in education. More...

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Committee Work: A Tale of Two Academics

By Joshua Kim. Why a traditional academic must constantly so “no," while an alternative academic looks for opportunities to say “yes”. More...

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February Fiction

By Joshua Kim. Fans of spy books will have probably already discovered The Red Sparrow Trilogy.  If you enjoy the espionage genre, or simply appreciate a well written thriller, I recommend that you read this series. More...

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Creating SOPI: The Scholarship of Postsecondary Innovation

By Joshua Kim. Investigating, and generalizing, from the Texas Institute for Transformational Learning story. More...

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