Reacting to Secretary DeVos at SXSW EDU

By Joshua Kim. My reaction after reading Jeff Young and Sydney Johnson’s story about the Rethink Education panel with Betsy DeVos at SXSW EDU was one of dismay, frustration and disappointment. More...

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Thinking about Non-Faculty Academic Career Paths Through a Faculty Lens

By Joshua Kim. This past week, I attended a terrific session at the UPCEA Annual Conference on "Building Your Professional Profile”. One of the big ideas that I took away from the session was how colleges and universities might re-think the staff career model. More...

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Reading 'Behemoth' and Thinking about Factories, My Kids, and Our Students

By Joshua Kim. The manufacturing of our modern world.
Behemoth: A History of the Factory and the Making of the Modern World by Joshua B. Freeman. More...

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Left Out of the HAIL Storm

By Joshua Kim. This week, I’m spending two days at a small, invite-only gathering of postsecondary learning innovation leaders.  This is the 3rd iteration of the HAIL Storm, with HAIL standing for Harvesting Academic Innovation for Learners. More...

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Reacting to the HAIL Storm

By Joshua Kim. The 3rd Harvesting Academic Innovation for Learners (HAIL) Storm is done.  The 35 attendees from 27 colleges and universities are making their way home from CSU Channel Islands. More...

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Should Academic Centers Be as Contentious as Academic Departments?

By Joshua Kim. The downsides of playing nice.
How are traditional academic departments and academic centers different. More...

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The 'Hamilton Effect' in Higher Education

By Joshua Kim. Does scarcity distort or enlarge?
My family wants to go to a Broadway show. More...

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75 Million Reasons To Invest In Educators

By Joshua Kim. What lessons should we be learning from the closure of the University of Texas System’s Institute for Transformational Learning (ITL)?  
We will all have many conclusions from the ITL story (what are yours?), but for me the big takeaways are all about how we think of innovation in higher education. More...

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Higher Education Leaders and the Falling Total Fertility Rate

By Joshua Kim. Did this 2/13/18 NYTimes headline catch the attention of college leaders throughout the land. More...

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