16 mars 2018

The Future of On-Campus Higher Education?

The Future of On-Campus Higher Education?
Margaret Andrews, Inside Higher Ed, 2015/04/07

I'm not sure exactly when this came out (it's copyrighted 2100) but it's more Stanford hubris, 'discovering' a future the rest of us have been talking about for years. Here are the major elements:

  • Education will be fully envisaged as a lifelong journey, rather than a one-shot, four-year stint
  • The education will focus more on skill acquisition than disciplinary topics and therefore the university will be organized around competency hubs, rather than academic fields
  • The education model will move from an industrial revolution-style, one-size-fits-few freshman/sophomore/junior/senior classification to a personal-paced learning program
  • The school will move away from having students declare a major, toward having them declare a purpose

Of these, the last is the most interesting. More...

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