01 mars 2018

Yemen’s Ongoing War Leaves Scientific Research Crippled

Al Fanar

Though never a top producer of scientific research in the Arab region, Yemen had achieved a steady output of scholarly studies in recent decades. However, the continuing civil war over the past four years now threatens to stop the conduct of scientific research there almost entirely. More...

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The Arab World Turns to Its People for Solutions

Al Fanar

The spread of social media and online communication has enabled instant access to large numbers of people, connecting companies to global audiences and giving voice to the masses. More...

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Start-Ups Trying to Improve Lives Get a Boost From the U.N.

Al Fanar

The United Nations Children’s Fund, or Unicef, is best known for advocating for the rights of children around the world.
But the organization not only provides health and education services directly, it also invests in private companies that are developing open-source technologies that could help improve the lives of at-risk women and children. More...

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Conférence-débat : L'entrepreunariat au féminin - Marseille

carif espace-compétencesA l'occasion de la Journée Internationale des droits des femmes, la CCIMP organise une conférence-débat sur le thème "L'entrepreunariat au féminin : Quel accompagnement des femmes dans l'économie d`Aix Marseille Provence?" le jeudi 08 mars 2018 de 12h à 14h au palais de la bourse à Marseille.

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Don’t be complacent about data security

eCampus NewsMore personal data about students and their learning activities is stored online; here’s how to protect it. More...

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Do women in STEM experience hostile work environments?

eCampus NewsWomen in STEM jobs are more likely to experience hostile work environments, including discrimination and sexual harassment, according to a new nationally-representative Pew Research Center study. More...

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Why academic assessment is poised for a scientific revolution

eCampus NewsIn 1906, Englishman J. J. Thompson challenged the scientific community’s understanding of the atom with his “plum pudding” theory. The model ultimately led to scientific evidence of the first subatomic particle, the electron. More...

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This school boasts the top online bachelor’s degree program

eCampus NewsAnnual college ranking tackles online bachelor's degree programs and breaks down results by majors. More...

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‘Z-degree’ gives students textbooks for free

eCampus NewsGrowing movement aims to help students avoid costly textbooks while earning degrees. More...

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How real-time communications innovations are disrupting higher ed

eCampus NewsAs more teaching is being done online and more research is being conducted within and between universities, new collaboration platforms are becoming more valuable than ever. More...

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