25 février 2018

Cara anak menonton YouTube bisa mengkhawatirkan. Ini kiat-kiat mengatasinya

The ConversationBayangkan seorang bocah 3 tahun di depan layar menonton Peppa Pig (karakter TV favoritnya) digantung—korban gerombolan main hakim sendiri. Ketika video berlanjut anak itu melihat Peppa memaki-maki secara eksplisit, dengan brutal membacoki saudaranya; dan kemudian keluarga Peppa melakukan adegan seks yang terilhami novel dewasa 50 Shades of Grey.
Parodi dan konten anak-anak online yang tidak resmi adalah sebuah isu yang belum lama ini diangkat penulis James Bridle dalam artikelnya “Something is wrong on the internet”. More...

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Réformer la réforme de la formation des enseignants.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Groupe Jean-Pierre Vernant"Après neuf mois de mandat de M.Macron, on ne peut que constater le rythme effréné auquel des réformes profondes sont annoncées. Nombre d’entre-elles avaient été préparées pour le mandat de M. Sarkozy mais avaient été abandonnées lors de la crise de 2007-2008 engendrée par la dérégulation financière, par crainte d’une explosion sociale. Bien que la plupart de ces réformes soient d’essence néolibérale, d’autres visent manifestement à prendre des parts de marché électoral à la réaction xénophobe : politique migratoire, renflouage du budget de la défense, service militaire, retour aux “fondamentaux” à l’école, etc. Nous nous associons à la tribune suivante, à paraître dans Libération:
Universités : Abriter les exilés, pas Parcoursup
et invitons tous les universitaires qui se portent solidaires des exilés à la signer. Plus...

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Demography and education: allies or enemies?

The Conversation“What sculpture is to a block of marble education is to the soul”, wrote English author Joseph Addison. In Sub-Saharan Africa, is it to be feared that education will remain in an incomplete state, due to a population growth for which no one is able to say whether it is a real opportunity or whether it heralds an uneducated generation. More...

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More prosperous teachers have no impact on the quality of education

The ConversationMore than 60% of the national education budget in Indonesia is used to improve teachers’ welfare. The budget is used in almost 100% of all regions in the country. However, raising salaries and providing teacher allowances do not necessarily improve the quality of learning or the number of school graduates. More...

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How OCD impairs memory and learning in children and adolescents – and what to do about it

The ConversationImagine feeling like you’re covered in germs that could kill you every time you come home from being in a public space. Before showering, you’d have to get inside without letting anything that’s touched the outside world come into contact with your house. More...

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Can education become truly egalitarian worldwide?

The ConversationThe recent Dakar (Senegal) international summit on education concluded on February 3 with the hope to raise $3.1 billion “over the next three years for programmes to support basic education in 65 developing countries”. World leaders and experts attended and discussed how to make quality education accessible to all children. More...

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Efforts to get South Africa’s economy moving are no more than a patch up job

The ConversationIts obvious that the South African government approached the 2018 budget from an extremely tight spot and with limited options. The country has been staring at the perfect storm of low economic growth and widening fiscal deficits set against huge expectations and needs. These include fee-free higher education for poor students, troubled state-owned enterprises and a growing base of the unemployed. More...

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Why students are the answer to psychology’s replication crisis

The ConversationRecently, more than 270 psychologists set out to repeat 100 experiments to see if they could generate the same results. They successfully replicated only 39 of the 100 studies. More...

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How we can design the music of our emotions

The ConversationAlmost 30 years later, affective computing technologies are starting to appear in the commercial mainstream. These include the Microsoft Emotion API, which analyzes facial expressions to detect a range of feelings, and Affectiva’s Emotion Speech API, which identifies emotion in pre-recorded audio segments. More...

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Cyberbullying: Four steps to protect your kids

The ConversationIn a typical classroom of 25 to 30 students, eight to 10 children — a third of the class — have been cyberbullied at some point in their lifetime. About three or four students are likely to have bullied others online. More...

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