13 février 2018

“Chateaubriand” 2018-2019 fellowships

The Academic and Scientific Cooperation Office of the French Embassy in Israel aims to promote and stimulate the exchange of knowledge and know-how between France and Israel.
It focuses on active intervention in 3 areas: scientific and academic cooperation support, centralization and dissemination of scientific information in both countries [through Electronic Bulletin and our Newsletter in Hebrew or in French ]  and organization of scientific events.
The  2018-2019 CALL for PROPOSALS will be OPEN on FEBRUARY the 15th 2018.
Dear students, dear scientists, we are really glad to present our website entirely dedicated to you, our future fellows. This website has been developed carefully to help and assist you with the application process. We are confident that this website will also facilitate interactions with our team.
Do not hesitate to send us your comments, suggestions or improvements in our contact page.
For more information in Hebrew about fellowships, please click on the following links: Chateaubriand.
For information regarding other fellowships and/or studies in France, please contact Mrs. Esther Levy at 03-7968035 or by mail at e.levy@ambfr-il.org, who is in charge of Campus France at the French Embassy. More...

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African Union devises 10-year plan to stem brain drain

By Wachira Kigotho. The African Union has devised a new 10-year plan of action to stop migration to developed countries of African professionals with critical technical skills – estimated to reach up to 70,000 annually. More...

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Corruption – One of the challenges facing higher education harmonisation

By Sharon Dell – Acting Africa Editor. In Africa Features, Francis Kokutse interviews Association of African Universities (AAU) Secretary General Professor Etienne Ehile about the challenges facing the move towards harmonised quality systems in higher education, one of these being corruption.
   Staying with the AAU, in Features, Munyaradzi Makoni reports on a recent webinar, jointly hosted by the AAU, TrustAfrica and the Association for the Development of Education in Africa, on progress towards harmonisation of African higher education systems.
   We continue our focus on quality in the sector with a feature by Ramadhan Rajab about concerns over the uncontrolled expansion of Somalia’s higher education sector, particularly private institutions. In contrast, Laeed Zaghlami writes about the slow and more measured entry of private providers into Algeria.
   In Africa Analysis, Wondwosen Tamrat debates the merits of the Ethiopian government’s new plan to improve graduate employability which places considerable pressure on individual institutions, while Craig Blewett outlines his research on the role Facebook has played in shaping how the new generation consumes and shares content.
   In Africa News, Wachira Kigotho reports on a new plan by the African Union to stem brain drain, and Wagdy Sawahel covers the student protests in Mauritania over changes to the age of students eligible for scholarships.
   In World Blog, Nita Temmerman gives advice to academics on making sure that research happens among the myriad of other responsibilities they carry. More...

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More evidence needed that international scholarships foster social change

By Brendan O’Malley – Managing Editor. In Commentary, Robin Marsh says the case for international scholarships as an effective investment for economic development and social change requires some rethinking and improved evidence. Roger Chao Jr commends the Philippines on their education reforms that aim to advance quality higher education for all and points this out as a promising case study that could be replicated in other countries. Ann M Brewer suggests that instead of ‘keeping their eyes on the ranking speedometer’, universities should take a wider view and consider how they can benefit their own regions. And Gerard A Postiglione predicts that the future of higher education in Hong Kong will hinge upon whether it can sustain the values – such as university autonomy – that have made Hong Kong a centre of global higher education.
   In World Blog this week, Nita Temmerman gives valuable advice to academics on making sure that research happens among the myriad of other responsibilities they carry, which is vital considering the importance of research output to career advancement.
   In Features, Brendan O’Malley unpacks a new British Council research report that warns of a sharp drop in global student mobility growth. Stuart Miller writes that US universities need to address racial issues on campuses to attract more blacks and Hispanics to STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – professions. And Craig Blewett outlines his research on the role Facebook has played in shaping how the new generation consumes and shares content, with the aim of using technology to teach in the digital age.
   In our Q&A section, Munyaradzi Makoni interviews Professor Thandwa Mthembu, who moves into the position of chair of Universities South Africa at a time when South African universities are under pressure to implement a new fee-free higher education dispensation. More...

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Place Ô gestes : ouverture au tout public

Orientation Pays de la LoireLes 5 et 6 décembre 2017, se déroulait la 5e édition du forum Place Ô Gestes à Saint Nazaire. Cet événement est l’occasion principalement pour les jeunes de 4e et de 3e de rencontrer des professionnels et de s’initier à la pratique de leurs gestes. Cette année, l’ouverture au tout public a permis aux acteurs du Service public régional de l'orientation (Spro) d’accueillir des adultes curieux de découvrir de nouveaux métiers en allant à la rencontre de professionnels. Plus...

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"Les désorientés" : documentaire sensible

Orientation Pays de la LoireEn suivant pendant deux ans les élèves du BEP sanitaire et social de Drançy, le réalisateur nous confronte à des jeunes dont l’orientation consiste souvent en un choix par défaut. Cette "orientation scolaire semble figer les destins" des jeunes alors qu’ils y sont placés parfois "par hasard". Plus...

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Nouvel outil en Sarthe : le guide de l’insertion

Orientation Pays de la LoireLe guide de l’insertion conçu par la Maison de l’emploi et de la formation du Mans est un portail numérique réservé aux professionnels de l’insertion agissant sur l’insertion sociale ou professionnelle. Ergonomique et facile d’utilisation, en moins de 4 clics, il recense les structures actrices de l’insertion et l’ensemble de leur offre de service sur le territoire de Le Mans métropole. Plus...

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Langues et mondialisation, par Louis-Jean Calvet - Jeudi 15/02/2018

MundolinguaComme vous le savez, tous les troisièmes jeudis de chaque mois, à 19h30, nous organisons au sein de notre musée une soirée autour d'un thème en particulier.
Voici le thème de ce jeudi 15 février 2018.

Langues et mondialisation, par Louis-Jean Calvet - Jeudi 15/02/2018

Le nombre de places étant limité, n'hésitez pas à réserver :
soit par téléphone au : 01 56 81 65 79
soit par mail : contact@mundolingua.org
Tarif : 5 €/personne (entrée + apéro).

Jeudi 15/02/2018
Langues et mondialisation, par Louis-Jean Calvet.

Environ sept mille langues et deux cents pays: le monde est plurilingue. Mais la mondialisation a institué un véritable « marché au langues » sur lequel elles n'ont pas le même poids, pas la même valeur. Cette situation sera présentée à partir du « Baromètre des langues du monde ». Plus...

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MIT's Open Window

MIT's Open Window

Industrial grade article about MIT's Open Courseware Project. Those familiar with the project will not find a lot of new content in this article (which could just as well have been cobbled together from press releases and other articles on the same topic). More...

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SC Seeks Input on Pick-a-Prof

SC Seeks Input on Pick-a-Prof
Students at the University of Texas at Arlington are debating whether to sign a $3000 contract with a web service called Pick-a-Prof. What is interesting about this item is not merely that a commercial professor rating service has set up shop (though that is interesting) but rather that it is marketing itself as a service to student groups (rather than to individual students or to universities). More...

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