02 février 2018

New Legislation Threatening University Autonomy in Malta

ESU OnlineIn December 2016, the Ministry for Education and Employment in Malta launched a consultation period on a new law for the University of Malta. The proposed legislation is intended to introduce more modern university structures while retaining institutional freedom and access to higher education. The document includes a number of changes affecting research, the quality of teaching staff, and most importantly the governing structures of the University. More...

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Students from Romania protest against weakening the judiciary powers and anti-corruption resources

ESU OnlineThe National Alliance of Student Organisations from Romania (ANOSR) has repeatedly warned about the danger of the legislative changes to the criminal law, which were proposed or sanctioned by the parliament majority. These changes are endangering the independence of the judiciary and eliminate provisions pursuant to which corruption is fought against in Romania. More...

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European Student Affairs Conference 2018

ESU OnlineThe European Student Affairs Conference 2018 (also the 12th German-Polish Colloquium on Student Services) will take place from 28 to 31 August 2018 in Dessau, Germany.
Organised by Deutsches Studentenwerk (DSW) and the German-Polish Working Group, the conference will focus on the topic “Different Angles: Student services in changing political, social, economic and cultural contexts”. More...

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The European Students’ Union at the First European Education Summit

ESU OnlineEU education ministers, education practitioners, stakeholders and business leaders discussed inequality in education systems and how education can help transmit our common values and competencies for the future. 
The summit seeked to “lay the foundations for a European Education Area.” Nonetheless, the lack of student organisations in the panels was striking as well as the lack of space to react on the proposals and be fully consulted on the proceedings
. More...

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EQAF 2019 & 2020: calling for hosts

ESU OnlineThe European Students’ Union (ESU) co-organises EQAF together with the European University Association (EUA), the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) and the European Association of Institutions in Higher Education (EURASHE).
The Forum is now a referent in the field of Quality Assurance, attracting over 400 participants each year; representatives from higher education institutions and QA agencies, students, researchers and policy makers among others. EQAF provides a platform for discussion, professional development and exchange of experiences. More...

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Lack of financial resources for the students in Arts’ higher education institutions

ESU OnlineThe federation of the French-speaking students in Belgium – is denouncing the disastrous working conditions for the students in Arts’ higher education institutions: the students are attending classes in crumbling buildings; they must face considerable costs by purchasing their equipment necessary in class, among other conditions that hinder their learning experience. More...

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The first Edition of the Erasmus Salon

ESU OnlineThe European University Foundation (EUF) is organising the 1st Erasmus Salon in collaboration with the European Students’ Union (ESU) and the Erasmus Student Network (ESN).
The event will take place on 31 January 2018 in Brussels, and it will be part of an EUF initiative that plans to carry a series of 9 debates to discuss the future of Higher Education in the European Union. More...

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Mexico embraces the learning city concept

Cities across Mexico continue to adopt the learning city concept following the second International Conference on Learning Cities (ICLC), which took place in Mexico City in 2015. This is a recognition of how learning cities promote sustainable development and what it takes to implement the learning city strategy in their communities. More...

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CONFINTEA Fellowship Programme 2017: Adult Learning and Education and the SDGs

The UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) hosted six government officials and representatives of civil society organizations in the field of adult learning and education (ALE) in November 2017 through its CONFINTEA Fellowship Programme. The fellows came from five different francophone countries: Algeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti, Senegal and Togo. With support from Mr Paul Bélanger (formerly Director of UIL, professor at the University of Québec in Montréal and President of the International Council of Adult Education), they drafted national strategies with the aim of operationalizing the Belém Framework for Action (BFA) and the 2015 Recommendation on Adult Learning and Education (RALE) in their respective countries. More...

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Government and management cop it in staff survey

University staff have confirmed the need for greater public investment in our universities, and more staff and student involvement in running institutions, according to the latest National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) State of the Uni survey. More...

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