05 janvier 2018

Campus France - Nancy

Campus France logoThere are several different systems and services for welcoming you and helping you in your administrative procedures when you arrive:
Discover the reception facilities in Nancy: www.campusfrance.org/Nancy
Ask for a student sponsor to meet you in Nancy: www.nancy.ixesn.fr
Accueil Info Étudiants et Chercheurs (Students and Researchers Reception Centre): welcome.univ-lorraine.fr – Direction des relations internationales et européennes (International and European Relations Office) – 91 avenue de la Libération – 54000 Nancy – 03 72 74 05 04 Bus 5 – Cavallier station
drie-accueil-nancy-contact@univ-lorraine.fr (for students) – drie-euraxess-contact@univ-lorraine.fr (for Phd students and researchers)
Services provided by the Prefecture, the CAF (French Family Allowance fund), student mutual insurance companies, public transport, students’ associations and the City. Information on everyday life.
Two services are available for welcoming you in all the Universities and Higher Education Schools:
The International Relations Service: reception and guidance office
The Educational Service: inscription and administrative procedures office
You can also consult the website etudiant.gouv.fr
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