02 janvier 2018

No Room for Rebuttal

HomeBy Nick Roll. Paper in The French Review titled “Islamism’s Conquest of the French Republic” draws outcry, not only on charges of Islamophobia, but on its scholarly merit. An editor who joined in criticism is fired.
France’s Muslim residents might only number 8.8 percent of the country’s population, but Islamists are using the country’s values of human rights and secularism against itself, with an end goal of imposing Islamic law across the land. More...

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Upping the Entry Degree

HomeBy Ashley A. Smith. Community colleges across the country are examining possible new requirements for occupational therapy assistants to get more education, which could result in the elimination of occupational therapy programs on their campuses. More...

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Debate Continues on Nursing Degrees

HomeBy Ashley A. Smith. A proposed policy statement has reignited the question of whether the associate or bachelor's degree should be the entry-level requirement in the nursing profession.
Although AACN has not issued an official statement, it is circulating a draft position called “The Baccalaureate Degree as Entry-Level Preparation for Professional Nursing Practice” in an effort to solicit public opinion on the topic. More...

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N.Y. Governor Vetoes Scholarship Aid for For-Profits

HomeBy Ashley A. Smith. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo vetoed legislation Tuesday that would have extended the state's tuition-free scholarships to for-profit institutions. More...

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Report: City Colleges of Chicago Fudged Graduation Numbers

HomeBy Ashley A. Smith. A new report from the Better Government Association, a nonpartisan Illinois-based watchdog group, claims that City Colleges of Chicago's Kennedy-King College combined graduation rates with the Chicago-based French Pastry School in order to receive national recognition of improving completion. More...

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Tensions in St. Louis

HomeBy Ashley A. Smith. Protests and altercation at St. Louis Community College board meeting highlight division over layoffs and a budget deficit in a large district that is losing students. More...

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‘Bit by Bit’

HomeBy Lindsay McKenzie. Author discusses new book on social science research in era of big data.
Technological innovations in the 21st century have enabled researchers to collect and process data about human behavior at an unprecedented scale, but are social scientists keeping up. More...

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A Robot Goes to College

HomeBy Lindsay McKenzie. Humanoid robot completes course in philosophy of love in what is purportedly a world first.
A robot called Bina48 has successfully taken a course in the philosophy of love at Notre Dame de Namur University, in California. More...

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OER Adoptions on the Rise

HomeBy Lindsay McKenzie. The number of faculty members choosing open educational resources over traditional textbooks has nearly doubled in the last year, but awareness over all remains low. More...

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Big Brother: College Edition

HomeBy Jeremy Bauer-Wolf. Student blasts Georgia Tech for monitoring his social media accounts, including details about his travel plans and activist work on campus. More...

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