11 novembre 2017

The Organisation of the Academic Year in Europe – 2017/18

This publication contains national data on how the academic year is structured (beginning of the academic year, term times, holidays and examination periods). Differences between university and non-university study programmes are also highlighted.
Download the publication. More...

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The EAIE 2018 call for proposals is now open

The EAIE 2018 call for proposals is now open, and the conference theme is “Facing outward”.
If you are interested in submitting a proposal, make sure to check out the EAIE's top tips for becoming a speaker and the EAIE Expert Communities' list of relevant topics. Also be sure to read the 2018 Conference Proposal Agreements. More...

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“My thesis in 180 seconds 2017” contest: Grand finale in Liège

The 2017 international final of the “My Thesis in 180 seconds” science contest took place on 28 September in Liège, in the studios of the RTBF, site of the Belgian radio and television, in front of more than 650 people. 
According to the concept of the contest, participating PhD students present their research topic to a diversified audience in no more than 180 seconds, using plain language and a single presentation slide. In France, the organisation of the contest is carried out by the Conférence des Présidents d’Université (CPU) and the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS). More...

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Eurydice Brief: Modernisation of Higher Education in Europe: Academic Staff – 2017

The Eurydice Brief: Modernisation of Higher Education in Europe: Academic Staff – 2017 is based on a comprehensive report, Modernisation of Higher Education in Europe: Academic Staff – 2017 published in June, which explores the realities for academic staff in this changing higher education landscape. The brief focuses on some of the main findings, including on human resource policy planning, academic careers, working conditions, and teaching. It concludes by highlighting three key concerns for policy-making: 'leveling the playing field for academic careers', 'balancing institutional autonomy and government oversight' and 'improving information gathering on academic staff'. More...

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Event - Enhancing outward mobility for disadvantaged learners: Guidance from Ireland and the UK

The UUKi and IUA toolkits will support institutions across Europe to increase participation in outward student mobility. These toolkits are the final output of two large scale projects funded through the Key Action 3 strand of the European Union’s Erasmus+ Programme, which provides support for the implementation of European Higher Education Area (EHEA) reforms. The toolkits have a particular focus on access for disadvantaged learners, and include guidance, advice, tips and recommendations for funding, marketing and student support. More...

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HUMANE Autumn Seminar, Trinity College, Dublin (IE), November 9-10, 2017

As Europe’s universities have grown in scale over the past 30 years, the effective management of space has become a constant and complex challenge for university managers. The demand for new and better space to accommodate innovative teaching, research and team-work, often with industry and business partners, is an acute challenge confronting everyone. This, combined with the need to re-think space and its management as a critical component of the student and staff experience, makes the challenge even more complex. The solutions can no longer be delivered by property departments alone; an integrated approach from different professional departments is the new normal. More...

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International Scientific-practical Conference at Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University

Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University is delighted to invite you to the International Scientific-practical Conference which will take place 2-3 November in Kiev, titled “Contemporary strategies of pedagogical education in the dimensions of building a society of sustainable development and intercultural integration”. More...

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Citizenship Education at School in Europe – 2017

European Commission logoThere has been a strong focus in recent years on the promotion of citizenship education, as a result of the increasing threats to fundamental values such as peace, equality and human rights Europe is faced with, and several countries are making changes to their policies in this area. But what is citizenship education? How is it taught? How are students evaluated? Can citizenship skills be developed outside the classroom? What training and support do teachers receive. More...

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National Student Fee and Support Systems in European Higher Education – 2017/18

European Commission logoThis report aims to provide both an overview of the main features of national fee and support systems and more detailed information on each individual country. Forty-two national sheets present the reality of fees and financial support available to students in public or government-dependent private higher education institutions in short cycle, first and second cycle students in 2017/18. In particular, the publication describes the range of fees charged to national, EU and international students and specifies the categories of students that are required to pay, and those that may be exempt. More...

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Eurydice Brief: Modernisation of Higher Education in Europe: Academic Staff – 2017

European Commission logoThe higher education sector has experienced profound changes in recent years. As student numbers have continued to increase, new steering and funding mechanisms have been established, quality assurance systems have been further developed and societal demands have expanded. Yet there has been too little focus on the impact and implications of these developments for academic staff, who play a vital role in higher education institutions and systems. More...

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