14 octobre 2017

Union Alumni Blast Anti-Gay Nashville Statement

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Alumni of Union University, in Tennessee, have issued a statement objecting to the university's president and three faculty members signing the Nashville Statement, a recent statement by evangelical leaders attacking same-sex marriage and questioning whether supporters of equal marriage rights for gay and lesbian people can be good Christians. More...

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Updated Classic on Race Relations

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Beverly Daniel Tatum's 1997 book on race relations -- Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? -- has become a modern classic in college and high school classrooms, used to educate and prompt healthy discussions among young people about race. More...

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ACT Scores Are Up

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. ACT scores are up this year, but the scores of black and Latino students and those who did not complete recommended college preparatory courses remain behind those of other students. More...

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