23 septembre 2017

Worth 100%: Bluestocking Week 14–18 Aug 2017 (Advocate 24 02)

Why is there still a 10 per cent gender pay gap in education, when women and their unions have organised so successfully over so long for gender equity? 
Education unions can proudly claim their credentials as long term and consistent campaigners for equal pay, equal opportunities, affirmative action, and gender inclusive curriculum, and against both explicit and covert discrimination in structures, policies and practices. More...

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No positives for A&TSI staff or students in Budget 2017 (Advocate 24 02)

The 2017-18 Federal Budget has seen the continuation of major change to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (A&TSI)supplementary funding for the higher education sector. These funding changes have seen extraordinary cuts to A&TSI student support, tutoring and scholarships. More...

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Intergenerational warfare (Advocate 24 02)

While our mates in Canberra paid either nothing or very little to go to university, young people today walk away with debts reaching the $100,000 mark. The value of high quality, face-to-face learning has been beaten down and replaced with the churning through of consumers. Our universities are turning into technical colleges, as students grapple to balance part-time work, dodgy unpaid internships, and still getting to class on time. More...

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NTEU celebrates IDAHOBIT 2017 (Advocate 24 02)

NTEU held events around the country on 17 May 2017 to support International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOBIT). IDAHOBIT is an annual opportunity for communities to reflect on the past and present experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people throughout the world, to celebrate these communities and contribute to change for LGBTI people. More...

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CDU’s inaugural IDAHOBIT marks new era of acceptance (Advocate 24 02)

IDAHOBIT@CDU has come and gone, but the strength of the local community shone through with their support on 17 May 2017. There was so much love and acceptance displayed by all who attended.  
It was an historic day at CDU as it was the inaugural IDAHOBIT and a successful beginning to a new era in LGBTI recognition and acceptance. This recognition will ensure that the voices of the LGBTI community will continue to emerge and grow here, not only at CDU, but in the wider NT community. More...

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Students & staff suffer in VET wash up (Advocate 24 02)

During the fevered height of VET FEE-HELP rorting linked to unscrupulous private for-profit providers, the true scale of the costly debacle proved hard to keep up with.
On an almost weekly – if not daily – basis, fresh horror stories emerged involving the scamming of millions in taxpayer dollars, recruiters targeting the vulnerable, and students being stranded with half-finished, or useless, qualifications and significant debts. More...

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Quality public education for refugees needed more than ever (Advocate 24 02)

With the number of forcibly displaced people at its highest in history, World Refugee Day on 20 June revealed the urgent need for sustainable investment in public education to see that millions of children can access quality learning. 
Major conflicts raging around the world have driven 65.6 million from their homes, according to the UN Refugee Agency in its latest report for 2016. Of them, 22.5 million are refugees, half of whom are children. More...

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Breakthrough for long-term casual workers - but not in higher education

This week’s Fair Work Commission (FWC) decision will allow casual workers who can prove they have worked regular hours for a year to request conversion to permanent employment. It will apply to 85 of 120 modern awards.
Thousands of casual workers may be positively affected by this decision which is an outcome of the ACTU common claim on casual and part-time employment, which formed part of the 4 yearly review of modern awards. More...

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Students pay more + Universities get less = More job cuts (Editorial, Advocate 24 02)

The Coalition Government has given up trying to deregulate domestic undergraduate fees, but that does not mean it’s had a change of mind and heart. While calling upon university students and staff to perform for the good of the ‘economy’, the latest Federal Budget cuts higher education spending and makes students pay more for their Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs). The Government intention is to further withdraw from funding public higher education. More...

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The Great Higher Education Swindle: Pay More, Get Less (Advocate 24 02)

These are not moderate and measured changes to the funding of CSPs. On average, a university in 2017 receives about $19,700 in total funding per CSP student. This is made of on average, $8,200 student contribution and $11,500 contribution from the Commonwealth. Assuming there is no indexation (holding prices constant at 2017 values) then a 7.5 per cent increase would raise student fees by $615 a year. The effect of the two 2.5 per cent efficiency dividends is to reduce the Commonwealth contribution by $564 per CSP per year. When combined, the $615 saving from increased student fees and the $564 efficiency, will deliver the Government savings of $1,179 per CSP. This equates to 10.3 per cent of $11,500. More...

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