24 juillet 2017

MOOCs, the IBM Simon and the iPhone

By Joshua Kim. Is edX / Coursera circa 2017 comparable to original (and largely forgotten) touch screen mobile phone / communications & computing device - the 1994 IBM Simon. More...

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The Institutional Impact of Maryville's 1:1 iPad Program

By Joshua Kim. This enthusiasm for 1:1 programs goes against the dominant edtech ethos of BYOD (bring-your-own-device). Educators, including edtech people (who are really just especially nerdy educators), tend to be suspicious of mandating a particular device. We believe in voting with our feet, in ecosystem diversity, and most of all in the power of our judgments. More...

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4 Privileges of Participating in the Leading Change Institute

By Joshua Kim. Are you a graduate of an intensive leadership / professional development institute, program, or experience. More...

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Seeking Advice Leading Change / Frye Alumni

By Joshua Kim. As well as from graduates of other intensive higher ed leadership and organizational change programs. More...

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Dear Alt-Acs, What Is Our Occupation?

By Joshua Kim. On not knowing how to fill out forms that ask for occupation.
How do alternative academics (alt-acs) categorize our occupation?
When we need to fill out forms that ask for our occupations, what do we put down?
I’ve yet to settle on an answer. More...

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Articulating 3 Core EdTech Beliefs

By Joshua Kim. So - and for the record - here are a few of my core beliefs about edtech:
First, I believe deep in my bones that learning is a relationship. That authentic learning has everything to do with the educator / learner relationship - with the mentoring and coaching and caring that is inseparable from the art of teaching. More...

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How the Amazon Echo Show Will Revolutionize Higher Education

By Joshua Kim. Why this edtech device will be different.
I’m here to confidently predict that Amazon's $229.99 Echo Show will revolutionize higher education. More...

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Knowledge Creation, Professional Development, and Conferences

By Joshua Kim. On language, travel for professional gatherings, and the changing work of higher ed staff. More...

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32 Highlights From Meeker's 2017 Internet Trends Report

By Joshua Kim. Amongst the technology rituals that I most look forward to each year is Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends Report. More...

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Higher Ed Futures and the Emotional Payload of Apple Park

By Joshua Kim. Why should higher ed people be so interested in Apple’s new big, expensive ($5 billion), round, and un-child care centered headquarters building - Apple Park. More...

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