15 juillet 2017

Qualité de la formation : accéder aux catalogues de référencement des financeurs en ligne

http://www.adef06.org/resources/ARRIERE+PLAN.jpgLes financeurs de la formation publient progressivement leurs catalogues de référencement sur leurs sites internet.
L’Agence régionale de la Formation tout au long de la vie Poitou-Charentes propose les liens vers ces catalogues (ou les pages où ils figurent).
Ces catalogues sont périodiquement mis à jour
Accéder aux liens

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Coming Home as President

HomeWell into her career as a university leader, Suzanne Shipley describes the experience of accepting a job in the town where she grew up. More...

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Bonuses and Benefits

HomeJames Finkelstein and Judith Wilde explore the recent upward trend in both the number and cost of perks and bonuses for presidents of public universities. More...

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Surviving Rape and PTSD in Academe

HomeA rape survivor finds the same campus colleagues who publicly opposed sexual assault were those who did not treat her with empathy and respect. More...

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Managing Up: A Brief Guide

HomeHow can junior faculty and those in contingent positions effectively raise issues with higher-ups who have the standing, power and influence to help solve those issues? Ellen de Graffenreid provides advice. More...

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A Networking Rule to Live By

HomeYou should always focus on making your networking contacts feel good -- and make sure your interaction is a positive experience for them, advises Joseph Barber. More...

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Bad Idea About Writing: Plagiarism Deserves to Be Punished

HomeWhile most believe the contrary, some people understand that plagiarism is not necessarily deceitful or deserving censure, writesJennifer A. Mott-Smith. More...

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False Alarms

HomeBill Mahon describes a decade of inaccurate emergency communications on campuses and provides advice on how to avoid these situations going forward. More...

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Digital Folklore?

HomeScott McLemee has found most recently published books on digital discourse -- memes, tweeting and other modes of contemporary communication -- hard to keep reading. The exception is Whitney Phillips and Ryan M. Milner’s The Ambivalent Internet. More...

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Evergreen State College, Memorial Day

HomeAs Memorial Day nears, Wick Sloane celebrates Evergreen State College’s success in enrolling and graduating veterans. More...

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