12 juillet 2017

Open University issues warning over £2bn skills gap bill

Inaugural research by the Open University suggests that a severe skills gap is costing United Kingdom businesses more than £2 billion (US$2.6 billion) a year as companies struggle to find workers with the right attributes, writes Bradley Gerrard for The Telegraph. More...

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Big data reveals patterns in HE names lists

Using lists of names collected from publicly available websites, two University of Chicago researchers have revealed distinctive patterns in higher education systems, ranging from ethnic representation and gender imbalance in the sciences, to the presence of academic couples, and even the illegal hiring of relatives in Italian universities, reports Science Daily. More...

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Hong Kong’s new leader in education spending spree

School leavers looking to continue their studies and contract teachers hoping for full-time jobs will benefit as Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor outlined her extra funding plan for education, writes Peace Chiu for South China Morning Post. More...

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Universities start rebuilding in post-Islamic State era

As the Iraqi-led coalition reclaims territory from the Islamic State, some of Iraq’s 10 shuttered universities are showing signs of recovery as teachers and students volunteer or raise money to reconstruct their campuses, and government officials prepare Iraqi higher education for the post-Islamic State era, writes Gilgamesh Nabeel for Al-Fanar Media. More...

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Bill proposes 25% hike in international student fees

The Knesset plenum recently passed a bill 32-0 that proposes allowing universities and colleges subsidised by the state to raise their annual tuition by up to 25% for international students, writes Udi Shaham for The Jerusalem Post. More...

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Win for university staff as 457 visa eligibility relaxed

Lecturers, vice-chancellors and other leading staff members in Australian universities can now breathe sighs of relief as the government has restored the four-year visas with a pathway to permanent residency for this particular group, reports Study International. More...

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Global south universities launch climate consortium

Universities from the world’s least developed countries have launched a cooperative programme aimed at ending their dependence on climate experts and expensive consultants from rich countries, writes Mantoe Phakathi for Climate Change News. More...

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Des demandeurs d’emploi qui travaillent ? - Les 7 visages de l’activité réduite

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Fin 2015, un peu moins d’un demandeur d’emploi indemnisable sur deux1 avait exercé une activité rémunérée au cours du mois (communément appelée « activité réduite »). Leur part au sein de l’ensemble des demandeurs d’emploi indemnisables tend à croître depuis 2009.
L’interaction entre l’activité réduite et les dispositifs de solidarité (RSA, prime d’activité, allocations logement) est analysée à l’aide d’une maquette de cas-types, pour deux trajectoires d’individus qui exercent très régulièrement une activité réduite (en moyenne 19 mois sur les 24 mois d’observation), le plus souvent en cumulant partiellement salaire d’activité et allocation chômage. Cette simulation tient compte des salaires issus de l’activité réduite, de l’allocation chômage le cas échéant, mais aussi des prélèvements fiscalo-sociaux et des principales prestations sociales théoriquement perçues.

Document d’études 2017-212 - Des demandeurs d’emploi qui travaillent ? Les 7 visages de l’activité réduite

1 Il s’agit de la part de demandeurs d’emploi indemnisables par l’assurance chômage inscrits en catégorie B ou C, c’est-à-dire qui ont exercé une activité rémunérée dans le mois, parmi l’ensemble des demandeurs d’emploi indemnisables tenus de rechercher un emploi, c’est-à-dire inscrits en catégorie A, B ou C.

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Is your website accessible to deaf and blind people?

By Peter Schmidt, The Chronicle of Higher Education. After the 2016 presidential election, Marcie Lipsitt looked up the alma maters of Donald J Trump’s chief advisers and persuaded the Education Department to investigate them for illegally having websites inaccessible to people with disabilities. More...

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What can we learn from returning Chinese students?

By Ka Ho Mok. While higher education continues along an outward-looking, globally connected trajectory, recent democratic elections in the United Kingdom and United States may suggest that the voting public is becoming increasingly sceptical about the growing tide of internationalisation in higher education. More...

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