13 juin 2017

Colloque international : Political Refugees in the Ancient Greek World

This conference, whose title is taken from the first modern volume on this topic (E. Balogh, Political Refugees in the Ancient Greece from the Period of the Tyrants to Alexander the Great), aims at exploring the subject of political refugees in the Greek world from its origins up the Roman conquest of Greece. As in 1943, this subject remains dramatically relevant even today. Many contributions, in fact, have been devoted to the topics of the exile (phygé) and the civil war (stasis) in ancient Greece, aspects that seem to have been endemic in the Greek cities, but far less attention has been paid to the very subject of refugees, so that many aspects still remain to be investigated. As the concept of “refugee” is a relatively recent idea, elaborated as a consequence of the dramatic experience of the Second World War, when millions of persons were displaced in Europe by reason of the war, each investigation about refugees in antiquity cannot ignore comparison with the modern notion of refugee. Nevertheless, some reconsiderations on the specific features of Greek politics and society are called for in relation to the ancient concept of refugee (phygas), and this will be the subject of the conference. Voir l'article...

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