The ‘European Alliance for Social Sciences and Humanities’ (EASSH) brings together scientific networks, associations, disciplines and universities. The main purpose of EASSH is to promote research on social sciences and humanities as a resource for Europe and the world.
EASSH is a channel to and from the social sciences and humanities for the research system of civil society, policy makers, advisors, public-private partnerships, administrators and practitioners.
EASSH advises on architectures, frameworks and processes of multi-national and European research programmes.
EASSH highlights the potential of the social sciences and humanities to contribute to the benefit, innovation and resilience of societies.
The annual ‘EASSH Convention of Social Sciences and Humanities’ brings the SSH community into debate with representatives of European institutions, private and public partners and other disciplines.
EASSH working groups bring SSH expertise to bear on the public debate, to strengthen European research and may interact with public and private partners. More...