30 mai 2017

Hong Kong universities a ‘super connector’ to China

By Yojana Sharma. Hong Kong will act as a ‘super connector’ to the Chinese mainland and Asian region through deeper international collaborations that include universities, Hong Kong’s Secretary for Education Eddie Ng told the Going Global conference in London last week, which had "Global cities: connecting talent, driving change" as its main theme. More...

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Government to ease rules on foreign investment in HE

By Yojana Sharma. A new government decree to ease the way for foreign investment in education in Vietnam, likely to be approved by the country’s leadership as early as June, will streamline procedures and reduce bureaucracy for setting up foreign branch campuses in the country. More...

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Minister allows foreign universities in special zones

By Yojana Sharma. Thailand is poised to issue a new decree that will allow foreign universities to operate in its special economic zones under a plan approved last week by the cabinet and military junta, also known as the National Council for Peace and Order, led by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha. More...

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Calls for release of students jailed over Boko Haram joke

By Tunde Fatunde. Amnesty International has called for the release of three students sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment by a military tribunal in Cameroon after they shared a joke among each other about the recruitment criteria of Nigeria-based extremist Islamic group Boko Haram. More...

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STEM focus to drive ‘world-class’ universities scheme

By Ranjit Devraj. India’s plan to develop 20 world-class universities will favour institutions strong in science, technology, engineering and mathematics or STEM subjects, experts said last week as the human resource development ministry sent its proposals for the new Institutions of Eminence scheme to the cabinet for approval. More...

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International student numbers up 15% on last year

Australia has bolstered its popularity as a world class education destination with new data showing international student numbers jumped up by 15% in the first three months of this year compared to 2016. More...

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Universities set on building new bridges post-Brexit

By Brendan O’Malley. A discussion at Going Global 2017, the British Council’s conference on how Paris and London universities will cope in the aftermath of Brexit began in a fearful mood as delegates were told that there are 5,000 research collaborations between the United Kingdom and France currently being funded by European Union money under Horizon 2020, the EU research programme, at any one time – and they are all at risk. More...

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Universities and cities – Key drivers of sustainability

By Brendan O’Malley. The British Council welcomed 900 academics, university leaders, ministers and industry chiefs from 80 countries to its Going Global 2017 conference last Monday, to focus on “Global cities: connecting talent, driving change”. More...

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Professor, teacher arrested on day 75 of hunger strike

By Brendan O’Malley. A professor and a school teacher, detained by police in the capital, Ankara, on the 75th day of their hunger strike in front of the Human Rights Monument, have since been arrested. More...

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Micro-campuses offer a new model to deliver quality transnational education

By Brendan O’Malley – Managing Editor. In Commentary, Brent White describes the micro-campus concept developed by America’s University of Arizona, which offers a new model for providing affordable, cutting-edge higher education to the globe. Graeme Atherton says the pledge by the Labour Party to abolish tuition fees in English universities – although unlikely to come to pass as the Conservatives are likely to clinch the forthcoming election – has value in that it should stimulate discussion on alternative approaches to delivering higher education. And Catherine Montgomery says while the UK, Europe and the US are distracted by chaotic internal politics, China is quietly expanding its global reach through higher education, including opening a business school in the higher education heart of England.
   In our World Blog, Roger Chao Jr calls on the UNESCO Asia-Pacific member states to ratify the Tokyo Recognition Convention, which could help launch the Asia-Pacific region as the next powerhouse in international higher education.
   In a Special Report on the British Council’s Going Global 2017 conference, Brendan O'Malley writes that the 900 delegates from 80 countries left the opening session with a stark warning from the keynote speaker of the challenges facing universities and cities in the near future; while Nicola Jenvey reports that a key message emerging from a discussion on innovation districts was that universities and innovation hubs should take care not to widen the social divide; and Yojana Sharma reports on Hong Kong’s aim to act as a ‘super connector’ to China and the Asian region through deepening international collaborations that include universities.
   In Features this week, Karen MacGregor focuses on the scaling up of the Carnegie Africa Diaspora Fellowship Program with the implementation of an initiative that will support 10,000 diaspora academics across the world over 10 years to partner with African universities. More...

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