26 mai 2017

Practical #EdTech: a flipped lecture example for #blended learning

Inge Ignatia de WaardBy Inge Ignatia de Waard. In this blogpost I gladly share an actual flipped lecture that was used in a blended course. Here is an actual example  of  a flipped lecture approach used in an academic course.
A full description of the flipped lecture format and the actual document that is sent to the learners (students in this case) can be found here (Google doc). Read more...

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Online course & MOOC video scripting guidelines #MOOC #edtech

Inge Ignatia de WaardBy Inge Ignatia de Waard. Below are some general guidelines when looking to produce an online course script that can be used to record video content (e.g. MOOC, blended learning,…). The guidelines are divided into two main sections: timing and narrative script. Read more...

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Call for papers and an online learning Award opportunity #CfP #eLearning

Inge Ignatia de WaardBy Inge Ignatia de Waard. These four calls for papers/presentations and the additional eLearning award opportunity (10.000 – 100.000$) are listed chronologically based on the submission deadline.

Conference on MOOCs, Language Learning and Mobility
When: 13-14 October 2017
Where: Naples, Italy
Deadline for submissions: 17 June 2017
The conference is part of the http://www.movemeconference.eu

The University of Naples L’Orientale together with Federazione Nazionale Insegnanti Centro di iniziativa per l’Europa (FENICE), as one of the partners of the project "MOOCs for University Students on the Move in Europe" (MOVE-ME) funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, invite you to attend the Second International conference on "MOOCs, Language Learning and Mobility".
The conference will take place on 13 - 14 October 2017 at Palazzo Du Mesnil, via Chiatamone, 61 Naples 80121 in a central zone, near the Castel dell’Ovo, the sea and in close proximity to some of the best city hotels. Read more...

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The future of UK higher education: What should the manifestoes say?

The positive case for student emigration. Compared to other countries, very few British people get a taste of higher education abroad. If we are to continue being an open outward-looking nation, that should change. I would like to see the money saved from not giving financial support to EU students put instead towards an outward mobility scheme. More...

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What, exactly, do the manifestos say on higher ed?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "http://www.hepi.ac.uk/"As political campaigning resumes after the horrific attack in Manchester, HEPI is focusing on what the manifestos of the three biggest UK-wide political parties have to say on higher education. More...

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Defining student resilience

‘Resilience’ has stealthily crept into higher education consciousness to become the latest buzzword.  The Teaching Excellence Framework, student mental health and wellbeing, retention, achievement, student engagement, learning analytics and employability have preoccupied us for some time. More...

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‘Forward, Together’ or ‘More of the Same’?

The official title of the Tory manifesto is, perhaps surprisingly, not ‘Strong and Stable’ but ‘Forward, Together’. Given that the Conservatives have been in office, in coalition or on their own, for seven years already, one could be forgiven for thinking it might have been ‘More of the Same’. More...

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Playing the Trump card: UK universities set to gain in the race to attract international students

Strategic issues — from the UK’s Referendum on the European Union to the US Presidential election last year — have the potential to influence where international students choose to study. More...

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Why do academics keep getting election predictions wrong?

Shortly before the referendum on the UK’s place in the EU, the Political Studies Association (PSA) polled its members about the outcome. More...

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Scrapping tuition fees or scraping away the glue holding the sector together?

Yesterday, footage emerged of John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor, announcing that Labour will scrap tuition fees if the party wins the General Election on 8 June. More...

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