15 mai 2017

Secular Stagnation and Growth Measurement, Banque de France

AccueilGrowth and productivity in most developed economies have been trending down for a long time. It is not easy to assign relative weights to the different factors that might lie behind this slowdown, nor is it easy to determine if it will become a permanent feature of our economies for the foreseeable future. More...

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Immigration in the West and Its Discontents

AccueilImmigration is arguably one of the most contentious issues today in the West. Even young countries that have been built by newcomers and have thrived on immigration, such as Australia and the US, are increasingly questioning whether open borders are such a good thing. More...

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The Open Government Partnership and the EU

AccueilMaking our democracies more transparent and helping citizens play an active role in them are central challenges facing our societies today. The Open Government Partnership (OGP), which has 75 member countries, brings together people from all levels of government, civil society, the corporate world, academia and the media to work towards these goals. More...

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12th International Conference of AIDA - 30th may-2nd june 2017, Campus Saint-Charles, Aix Marseille University

AIDA (fr. Association Internationale de Dialectologie Arabe) – International Association of Arabic Dialectology / الرابطة الدوليلدراسة اللهجات العربية – is an association of researchers in Arabic dialects, from all over the world.

AIDA was founded in 1993, in Paris, at the initiative of a group of prestigious Arabists, with the aim to encourage and promote the study of Arabic dialects.

AIDA is nowadays the leading international association in this field of research and it has become a center that joins scholars from all over the world who are interested in any aspect of Arabic dialectology, including dialects which have not been described yet, dialectal geography, specific aspects of phonology, morphology and syntax, code-switching, koiné language, pidgin, creole, the lexicon of Arabic dialects, dialectal atlases, comparative and diachronic studies, sociolinguistics, teaching of Arabic dialects, and so on.

AIDA organizes conferences every two years, hosted by well-known universities from all around the world. Aida’s activities can be followed on its facebook group at : https://www.facebook.com/groups/792649064183347/

AIDA 12 Organising Committee  : Jairo Guerrero (IREMAM, Aix Marseille Univ), Catherine Miller (IREMAM- Aix Marseille Univ), Christophe PEREIRA (LACNAD, INALCO, Paris), Alexandrine Barontini (LACNAD-INALCO, Paris), Marie Aimée Germanos (CERMOM, INALCO, Paris).

Scientific Committee  : Aziza Boucherit, (Univ Paris-Descartes), Kristen Brustad (University of Texas at Austin, USA), Dominique Caubet, (INALCO, Paris, France), George Grigore (University of Bucharest, Roumanie), Jérôme Lentin (INALCO, Paris), Veronika Ritt-Benmimoun (University of Vienna, Austria), Catherine Taine Cheikh, (LACITO, Paris, France), Ángeles Vicente (University of Saragoza, Spain), Karima Ziamari (Moulay Ismail University, Meknes, Morocco), Liesbeth Zack (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands).

More information : https://aida12.sciencesconf.org/

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Science ‘super-campus’ plan in disarray

French ambitions to create a €5 billion (US$5.4 billion) science ‘super-campus’ near Paris by 2020 seem to be falling further apart, after a compromise scheme to save the troubled project was rejected by one of its creators, writes Barbara Casassus for Nature. More...

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University librarian finds pages of early printed book

The University of Reading has discovered pages of one of the first books printed in England, dating from the 15th century, writes Rachael Revesz for the Independent.
The pages of a mediaeval priest’s handbook, dating to between 1476 and 1477, were found in the university’s archives by special collections librarian Erika Delbecque while she was cataloguing thousands of items showing the history of print and graphic design
. More...

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Thousands could be buried beneath Mississippi university

The remains of at least 7,000 people, patients of the state’s first mental institution – established in 1855 and called the Insane Asylum – and stretching across 20 acres of campus where administrators want to build, may be buried beneath the University of Mississippi, reports BBC News. More...

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Lib Dems still haunted by student fees U-turn

The Liberal Democrats' U-turn over university tuition fees is continuing to haunt them when it comes to student voters in the current general election, writes Siobhan Robbins for Sky News. More...

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Student body lashes out over new student funding model

The South African Students Congress has lashed out at ANC Subcommittee on Education Chairperson Naledi Pandor for endorsing the new funding model ‘Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme’, writes Zintle Mahlati for the Independent Online. More...

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Government considers limiting entry to Tokyo colleges

The government is considering establishing a new regulation that would prevent universities in Tokyo’s 23 wards from increasing the total number of students they can have, in principle, in a bid to rectify the excessive concentration of young people in the capital and promote regional vitalisation, reports The Yomiuri Shimbun. More...

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