06 mai 2017

Plenary meeting of the Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee

Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité, République Française - Ministère de la Fonction PubliqueSince 2014, the work of the Social Dialogue Committee focuses on the topic of information and consultation rights of civil servants and employees of central government administrations, particularly in the context of restructuring. As such, the Committee has begun negotiations and wishes to try to achieve, before the end of this year, a legally binding agreement setting out a framework of minimum requirements for information and consultation rights in public administrations in Europe. The plenary meeting of the Committee also helped to finalize a common response EUPAE / TUNED informing the European Commission of the will of the Committee to achieve a balanced text adapted to administrations, rather than seeing the scope of the directives applying to the private sector expanded. Voir l'article...

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