13 avril 2017

EDUCAUSE and the Disruptive Potential of the Mimeograph

By Joshua Kim. When it comes to EDUCAUSE, I like to think of myself as something of a member of the loyal opposition. More...

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A Day on Campus Without Screens

By Joshua Kim. You get to campus and discover that you have left your laptop, iPad, and phone at home. More...

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Searching for the EdTech Ideological Middle

By Joshua Kim. Behind every educational technology initiative is a set of assumptions, beliefs, and world-views. More...

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On Bad Magazine Apps and Good Digital Learning

By Joshua Kim. This week I saw an ad for Texture - an app that gives access to a couple hundred magazines for $9.99 a month. More...

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Thinking Small About Online Learning

By Joshua Kim. An alternative narrative.
When it comes to online learning, size seems to get the attention. More...

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edtech, ed-tech, or ed tech?

By Joshua Kim. More than a shorthand for educational technology.
When it comes to turning ‘educational technology’ into a single word - we are all over the map. More...

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Do Dual-Career Academics Give Each Other Good Career Advice?

By Joshua Kim. 3 reasons why maybe we don’t.
Are you one-half of a dual-career academic couple. More...

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My EdTech 'Paying Your Dues’ Blindspot

By Joshua Kim. Questioning the relationship between experience and effectiveness. More...

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The Invisible EdTech Discussion

By Joshua Kim. What edtech academics talk about when we get together, and why those outside of edtech don’t know about or participate in our conversations. More...

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The Myth of the Higher Ed Tech Academic / Administrative Divide

By Joshua Kim. Higher ed technology is traditionally divided into two camps -and two cultures - administrative and academic. More...

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