Bordeaux Montaigne University is an ancient institution whose roots date back to the fifteenth century. It enrolls about 15,200 students, has a faculty of 643, and employs a staff of 360.
Main programmes of study
Training at the Université Michel de Montaigne Bordeaux 3 is offered through 3 teaching and research faculties and their components
The humanities faculty has 5 departments:
- Arts
- History
- History of art and archaeology
- Letters
- Philosophy
Languages and civilization The faculty of languages and civilizations
consists of 6 departments:
- Studies of the English-speaking world
- Mediterranean, Iberian, and Ibero-American studies
- Germanic and Slavic studies
- Near and Far Eastern studies
- Applied foreign languages (LEA)
- Language sciences
The communications faculty has 3 departments:
- Geography, space and land sciences
- Information and communication sciences (ISIC)
- Regional development, tourism, and urban planning (IATU) Institutes
Institute of environment, geo-engineering, and development (EGID)
Bordeaux Aquitaine institute of journalism (IJBA)
Michel de Montaigne university-based institute of technology Departments
Department of physical education and sports (DAPS)
Department of French as a foreign language (DEFLE)
Continuing education
- Adult education cluster Satellite campus in Agen: Université Bordeaux 3 branch in Agen
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