22 mars 2017

European Research Council: Ten years of research excellence for Europe

Since its set up in 2007, some 7 000 top researchers have been awarded the highly-competitive and much sought-after ERC grants, creating career opportunities for about 50 000 scientists. Six grantees went on to receive the Nobel Prize and ERC funding has led to more than 800 patent applications, along with uncountable scientific discoveries. More than 180 researchers have also moved to Europe with an ERC grant, bolstering the attractiveness of the European university landscape. More...

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EUA argues for efficient, high-performing Horizon 2020 at Commission meeting

EUA participated in a panel reflecting stakeholders’ views, alongside the European Court of Auditors and the European Parliament, and brought forward the outcomes of its own large-scale membership consultation on the mid-term review, to support the following points:

  • Simplification must benefit the beneficiaries;
  • Accepting nationally-recognised management and accounting practices is the most important step towards effective simplification;
  • Measures presented on additional remuneration cannot alone address the challenges involved in widening participation;
  • Financial instruments must be designed in full recognition of the specificities of research work (and therefore not be result-based). More...

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Female university leadership in Europe

EUA has updated its latest data on women in leadership positions in Europe’s universities. The results show that in the 47 countries with EUA members, only 12% of all rectors are female.
On a related note, the European Women Rectors Association (EWORA) has launched a survey on leadership for active and former female rectors and vice rectors. The survey results will be published in May. EWORA is dedicated to promoting the role of women in leadership positions in the academic sector and advocating gender equality in higher education and research at European and international scales. More...

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Juncker presents White Paper on Future of Europe

The White Paper looks at how Europe might change over the next decade and spells out the choice between being swept along by those developments or embracing them and seizing the new opportunities they bring. It points out that countries will have to work closely together to achieve more and outlines five scenarios on how to do this, concluding that no matter what the cooperation model will be, Europe's prosperity is likely to depend on openness and strong links with partners. More...

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European Commission launches public consultation on Erasmus+

In 2016, EUA consulted its members on Erasmus+ and published the “EUA member consultation: A contribution to the Erasmus+ mid-term review .” The survey found that the Programme has brought a number of improvements compared to its predecessors. However, it also highlights areas for improvement, for which EUA proposes 10 recommendations for enhancing Erasmus+ in 2020 and beyond. On behalf of its members, EUA will communicate these findings through the public consultation and encourages its individual members to also take part in the survey. More...

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New Trump travel ban: EUA concerned about open exchange of people and ideas

EUA believes the new executive order, issued on 6 March 2017, continues to aim indiscriminately at large groups of people to the detriment of mobility and exchange. The Association is concerned about how it will impact international researchers, university faculty and students who wish to apply for visas and travel to the United States for partnerships, academic conferences, research field visits and international study programmes. More...

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Registration open for EUA Webinar on Open Science in Universities

The webinar will reflect on the major milestones of EUA’s Expert Group on Science 2.0/Open Science, such as the EUA Roadmap on Open Access to Research Publications, and its ongoing efforts for a smooth transition to Open Science. Participants will also discuss the integration of Open Science in doctoral programmes, with a special presentation from the University of Liege. Further insight into the practical aspects will be provided by a doctoral candidate. More...

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Have your say on Erasmus+

European Commission logoThe Commission wants to hear from young people, students, teachers, youth workers, organisations, employers and more as it shapes the programme's future.
As part of the mid-term review of Erasmus+, the European Commission is carrying out a consultation on the programme. More...

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New report on Structural Indicators for Inclusive Systems in and around Schools

European Commission logoInclusion in education, viewed more comprehensively as inclusive systems in and around schools, concentrates on supportive, quality learning environments, on welcoming and caring schools and classrooms, and on preventing discrimination.
It addresses the needs of students in a holistic way (their emotional, physical, cognitive and social needs), and recognises their individual talents and voices. It is open to the voices and active participation of parents, and also wider multidisciplinary teams and agencies. More...

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Présentation de la stratégie France I.A., pour le développement des technologies d'intelligence artificielle

La stratégie France I.A. a été dévoilée aujourd'hui à la Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, en présence du Président de la République, de Michel Sapin, ministre de l'Economie et des Finances, de Thierry Mandon, secrétaire d'Etat chargé de l'Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche, et de Christophe Sirugue, secrétaire d'Etat chargé de l'Industrie, du Numérique et de l'Innovation. Voir l'article...

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