06 mars 2017

Hackathon Egalité Femmes-Hommes : êtes-vous prêt.e à libérer du temps pour l’égalité ?

AccueilLe #HackEgalitéFH, imaginé et organisé par le ministère des Familles, de l’Enfance et des Droits des femmes et le secrétariat général pour la modernisation de l’action publique (SGMAP), se tiendra du 3 au 5 mars 2017 à Paris. Il vise à faire émerger des solutions innovantes pour faciliter l’articulation entre vie professionnelle et vie personnelle, l’un des ressorts majeurs des inégalités entre les femmes et les hommes dans le monde du travail. Il se tient dans le cadre du Plan d’actions et de mobilisation contre le sexisme « Sexisme, pas notre genre ». Voir l'article...

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Administration numérique dans les territoires : retour sur la première année du programme DcANT

AccueilVoilà un peu plus d’un an, Etat et collectivités lançaient le programme de développement concerté de l’administration numérique territoriale (DcANT), et en fixaient la feuille de route, sur deux ans.
Après un an de mise en œuvre, à mi-parcours, l’heure est au premier bilan. Fin septembre dernier, la commission d’orientation stratégique (COS) a ainsi permis de dresser un bilan des travaux et d’orienter ceux des mois à venir. Voir l'article...

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Call for withdrawal of doctorate for Turkish premier

By Michael Gardner and Brendan O'Malley. A petition has been launched by the student union at Technische Universität Berlin, or TU Berlin, calling for the withdrawal of an honorary doctorate awarded to Turkish Premier Binali Yildirim, maintaining that he “plays a crucial role in the authoritarian restructuring of the country”, which has included the arbitrary dismissal of thousands of academics and the detention without due process of some. Read more...

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New student mobility figures show Erasmus Brexit risk

By Brendan O’Malley. The proportion of students experiencing outward mobility has risen sharply, according to new research by Universities UK. But nearly one in two of those experiences were supported by the European Union’s Erasmus+ staff and student exchange programme from which the United Kingdom may be excluded after Brexit. Read more...

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Minister demands stiff penalties for student cheats

By Brendan O’Malley. The minister is calling for guidance aimed at universities that would include the introduction of tough new penalties for those who make use of essay mills to fulfil assignments for their degree, as well as better education for students about the potentially significant negative impacts on their future career if they are caught cheating. Read more...

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International student numbers surge to record high

By Brendan O’Malley. Australia saw a surge in international student numbers, up 10% to 554,179 last year, according to Department of Education and Training figures – and a new student satisfaction survey shows a record nine out of 10 international tertiary students were satisfied or very satisfied with the education they have received. Read more...

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New importance for HE systems in the evolving global knowledge society

By Brendan O’Malley – Managing Editor. In World Blog this week, Patrick Blessinger says higher education systems are undergoing a revolution as a result of globalisation, democratisation and lifelong learning as a human right, and have taken on new significance in the global knowledge society.
In Commentary, Petr Safronov contends that a top-down approach pushing internationalisation is limiting the autonomy of Russian universities, while controversies around internationalisation reflect the clash of opposing strategic visions among academics. Emma Sabzalieva relates a sorry tale from Kazakhstan of what happens when international student recruitment goes awry and students are left with broken promises. Mark de Vos advises that a key to retaining high-profile international researchers is often to take their partner’s career into consideration, as a growing number of European universities are doing.
In Features, Zachariah Mushawatu describes how the economic meltdown in Zimbabwe has placed students at risk, with no grants or loans, exploitation amid an accommodation crisis, and female students being vulnerable to sexual exploitation.
The annual conference of the Centre for Global Higher Education, held on 1 March in London, is covered in a Special Report. The director of the centre, Simon Marginson, said in his opening speech that while the recent negative positioning of higher education and research in both the UK and the US due to political changes was a wake-up call, higher education has transformative capacity and can ‘cut the ground from under the alt-right’. Nic Mitchell reports on a presentation indicating that the large research-intensive universities in the UK are most at risk of having their links with industry impaired by Brexit. And Jenni Case asks how one can maintain a sense of legitimacy for public higher education in South Africa in the face of such radical social challenges as the university protests of the last two years. Read more...

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Universities alliance aims to bring out the best in African research

By Sharon Dell – Africa Editor. In a Q&A interview this week, head of the African Research Universities Alliance Ernest Aryeetey talks about how the fledgling 16-university alliance is working to raise the profile of African research and grow its output. In other features, Tunde Fatunde reports that Nigerian academics have rejected a ministerial proposal that science be taught in indigenous languages in primary schools, calling the move a diversion from the real reasons for poor performance in science, while Munyaradzi Makoni interviews a young amputee and student from Zimbabwe about institutional challenges facing disabled students.
In Africa news, Ashraf Khaled reports on moves to introduce studies on female genital mutilation to the curriculum of medical schools in Egypt in a bid to challenge the widespread practice, while Christabel Ligami writes about a 10-country programme which provides intensified support to early career researchers in the field of climate change.
In Africa analysis, Peter Vale reflects on the notion of objectivity in the humanities and calls for the unravelling of the ideological underpinnings of faculty histories after attending recent presentations at Stellenbosch University in South Africa.
In World Blog this week, Hans de Wit says the rise of nationalist, populist movements makes us wonder if the internationalisation of higher education is dying – by no means, he says, it may indeed be accelerating in many parts of the world. Read more...

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La VAE, un atout pour votre entreprise !

Le jeudi 6 avril 2017 de 9 h à 12h30, le Comité régional des certificateurs publics VAE organise une matinée d’information sur la VAE collective. Cet événement à destination des responsables en relations humaines et/ ou chefs d’entreprise, mais aussi d’Opca et différents partenaires, aura lieu au Campus Universitaire Canopé 3 Avenue Alain Savary (Amphi Bouchard) à Dijon (21).

Au programme de cette manifestation :

  • l’impact de la loi Travail sur la Vae en entreprise ;
  • la VAE, une opportunité pour l’entreprise en matière de gestion RH ;
  • les témoignages d’entreprises et de leurs salariés.

Informations, programme et plan d’accès ci-dessous.

Rendez-vous sur le formulaire d’inscription en ligne : http://bit.ly/matinee_CRCP

Documents à télécharger :

 Programme _plan acces campus_universitaire. Voir l'article...

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Un nouveau site internet d’information sur les aides aux entreprises !

Permettre aux acteurs économiques d’accéder librement à près de 2200 aides financières publiques, tel est l’objectif du nouveau site de référence des aides publiques : www.aides-entreprises.fr/ qui vient d’être lancé par l’Institut Supérieur des métiers avec le soutien de la Direction Générale des Entreprises. Voir l'article...

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