24 février 2017

Early-bird registration deadline approaching for EUA Annual Conference

This year’s Annual Conference, hosted by the University of Bergen in Norway and scheduled for 6 and 7 April 2017, will feature the launch of a full-scale update of the Autonomy Scorecard. This exclusive EUA benchmarking tool on university autonomy will provide the backdrop for a discussion on the latest trends, challenges and future of institutional autonomy. More...

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After a turbulent year, EUA sets key objectives for 2017-2019

2016 was a stormy year, and the blows can be felt clearly in the university world. The dynamics of Brexit, the Trump presidency, and growing nationalism will continue to be present in the time to come.
Therefore, EUA will work to retain the strong community of Europe’s universities and enhance the role of its members as key societal actors under the motto of the Association: “Strong Universities for Europe”. More...

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EUA pushes for further change in EU Copyright Reform

EUA has updated its response to the European Commission’s proposal for a directive on copyright to further underline the importance of an EU copyright reform that truly supports the needs of research, innovation and education in the digital age at universities and beyond. More...

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EUA statement against Trump’s travel ban receives wide support

EUA issued a statement on 30 January 2017 calling on US President Donald Trump to rethink or recall a controversial executive order that immediately and unnecessary affected the movement of international researchers, university faculty and students from seven Muslim-majority countries. More...

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Inclusion and citizenship skills: High priorities for academic staff development

Does higher education teaching pay sufficient attention to citizenship and social inclusion? And, what exactly are the challenges that academics and students face in addressing these topics? This was the theme of the first public event of the “European Forum for Enhanced Collaboration in Teaching” (EFFECT) project, which took place at the University of Porto on 31 January 2017. More...

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Structural Indicators for Monitoring Education and Training Systems in Europe 2016 – Thematic Overviews

European Commission logoWhich European countries provide specific guidelines and guaranteed places for early childhood education? Do schools receive additional resources for disadvantaged students? Where in Europe do teachers receive trainings to tackle students' early leaving and underachievement? Is informal learning recognised everywhere in Europe for entry into higher education? How common are work placements as part of higher education programmes. More...

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Focus on: What future for student mobility

European Commission logoI look forward to a United States of Europe, in which the barriers between the nations will be greatly minimised and unrestricted travel will be possible - Winston Churchill in 1942
Citizens of the EU have the right to live, work and study in other EU countries. With a huge number of study options available, many young Europeans are choosing to pursue their studies abroad. The option of studying abroad is famously supported by the Erasmus programme, which fosters student exchange between learning institutions for periods of up to a year, and which in 2017 is celebrating its 30th anniversary. While the popularity of the EU may fluctuate, the popularity of Erasmus is enduring, with close to 4.5 million students having now spent time studying or working abroad under the scheme. Indeed, to young Europeans, many of whom have never known a time before EU citizenship, the ability to study abroad feels like a right to which they feel entitled. More...

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United-Kingdom-Wales: Wales introduces a framework for digital competence

European Commission logoA key Welsh Government priority is digital competence, defined as the set of knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to enable the confident, creative and critical use of technologies and systems. In September 2016 the Welsh Government published a Digital Competence Framework for use in schools and other educational settings with learners aged three to 16-plus. The Framework aims to encapsulate the skills that will help learners thrive in an increasingly digital world. It gives digital competence the same priority as literacy and numeracy, encouraging the integration of digital skills across the whole curriculum. More...

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Have your say on education in Europe!

European Commission logoTake part in the consultation on key competences for lifelong learning and help develop quality, future-oriented education and training policies for the EU.
The consultation, which runs until 19/05, is open to all, particularly individuals, organisations, and policy-makers active in the field of education. More information is available on the consultation page. More...

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Communication skills for migrant children

European Commission logoIn an ever-changing world, some children are learning a different language at home than the one they use at school. The Welcomm Project uses a Multimedia Learning Kit to help children acquire the necessary vocabulary to start school through playful activities. More...

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