31 janvier 2017

NUS-UK: Battle to preserve student mobility

ESU OnlineThe UK government have outlined the priorities and principles that will guide the UK negotiating position once Article 50 is “triggered”. These are:

  1. Provide certainty about the process of leaving the EU
  2. Control of our own laws
  3. Strengthen the Union between the four nations of the United Kingdom
  4. Maintain the Common Travel Area with Ireland
  5. Brexit must mean control of the number of people who come to Britain from Europe
  6. Rights for EU nationals in Britain and British nationals in the EU
  7. Protect workers’ rights
  8. Free trade with European markets through a free trade agreement
  9. New trade agreements with other countries
  10. The best place for science and innovation
  11. Co-operation in the fight against crime and terrorism
  12. A smooth, orderly Brexit

These are underpinned by four principles: certainty and clarity; a stronger Britain; a fairer Britain; and, a global Britain. More...

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