28 novembre 2016

Quality assurance evolutions in the EHEA debated in Ljubljana

ESU OnlineBetween 17-19 November 2016, the 11th edition of the European Quality Assurance Forum (EQAF) took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The two-day event focused on providing a platform for discussion, professional development and exchange of experiences among the main stakeholders in quality assurance (QA). More...

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ESPRIT final round-table

ESU OnlineThe Enhancing Social Characteristics and Public Responsibility of Israeli Teaching through a HEI-Student Alliance (ESPRIT) project, initiated in 2013, focused on analyzing, mapping and strengthening the social and public roles of Israeli universities.
On November 21, European Students’ Union hosted the final round-table of the project, which will formally end on November 30.
An online survey was conducted among the five Israeli
partner institutions in order to evaluate the importance given to social engagement by faculty members, administrative staff and students in academic institutions as well as to provide understanding of the current state of HEI. More...

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27 novembre 2016

BSA: Students in Belarus speak up against challenges they face on campuses

ESU OnlineBelarusian Students’ Association (BSA) relaunched its official newspaper called “Students’ Thought”  (Studentskaya Dumka). The newspaper was first published back in 1988, when BSA started fighting against the huge influence of the communist ideology in universities. Eventually, the last edition of the “Students’ Thought” came out in 2005 and hasn’t been published again until this year. More...

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LÍS: Students’ with disabilities access to information facilitated through new website

ESU OnlineFinding information regarding educational assistance for students with disabilities is not easy in Iceland. This is what an exchange student found out, after comparing the information available on Danish university websites with those in Iceland.
The story inspired an interdisciplinary team consisting of two university students from the students’ equality committee at the University of Iceland, a student from the University of Reykjavík and their mentor to create a website, named “Réttinda-Ronja”. “Réttinda” is the Icelandic word for “rights” and Ronja is a name which references Astrid Lindgren’s story about Ronja Rövardotter who brought two rival robber clans together with her open mindedness and her strong spirit for her cause. More...

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ANOSR: Students lay down 15 Priorities for an Effective and Qualitative Higher Education System

ESU OnlineDuring the Forum of Students’ Organisations which took place between 8-16th August 2016 in Galați, Romania, students’ leaders from all over the country participated in a series of parallel debates and workshops about different aspects concerning the Romanian higher education system, the outcome being the 15 priorities which will be further presented. More...

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New Small Grants programme to help students support refugees: building integration, together

ESU OnlineESU launched a Small Grants Programme to help its member student unions contribute to securing the refugees’ fundamental human rights and stimulate a sense of belonging to the national and European community. With a budget for actions of over 125,000.00 EUR, the programme aims to strengthen the capacity of ESU members, to foster their ability to be more responsive to current global challenges and improve their planning, strategizing and leadership capacity. More...

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ESU at the Civil Society Day 2016

ESU OnlineAs a part of the reinforced dialogue with the civil society launched in 2015, the European Commission through DG EAC organised this dedicated meeting with the organisations in the field of education and training, ahead of the 2016 Education, Training and Youth Forum. More...

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Students cooperate for a more accessible higher education system across the world

ESU OnlineLast week, Beth Button – Executive Committee member of ESU – attended the 10th Education International “Further and Higher Education and Research”  conference in Accra, Ghana. Beth was invited to speak in a plenary session, where she joined Peter Wells of UNESCO and Fred Awaah of the All African Students’ Union on a panel to discuss making further and higher education and research a priority in the 2030 agenda. More...

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ESU in Liaison Group of Civil Society of EESC

ESU OnlineThe European Students’ Union has become alternate member of the EESC Liaison Group. ESU will be alternate to Life Long Learning Platform in the sector “Education and Training”.
The Liaison Group (LG) is the only structured and institutionalised link to EU institutions for civil society organisations operating at EU level. More...

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Landmark Members’ Meeting of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities held in Hangzhou

From Jordan to Denmark, the republic of Korea to Sint Maarten; world cities gathered in the culturally rich city of Hangzhou in China for the first ever Members’ Meeting of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities (GNLC). On 15 and 16 November, over 150 city representatives, including 22 mayors and deputy mayors, shared and showcased their various innovative initiatives aimed at providing opportunities to improve their citizens’ lives. More...

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