19 novembre 2016

Bologna Process Stocktaking Report

Logo of the Bologna ProcessThe 2009 report on the bologna process stocktaking was prepared by the stocktaking Working group for the leuven/louvain la neuve Ministerial meeting in april 2009.
Based on the analysis that is described in detail in the main part of the report, the working group has drawn conclusions about the progress that has been made towards achieving the goals that were set by the Ministers in london. the report looks at the action lines in an integrated way, in recognition of the strong interdependence between them, and in particular the link between learning outcomes and other elements such as qualifications frameworks, quality assurance, recognition and lifelong learning.

Bologna Process Stocktaking Report 2009

The first stocktaking of progress in the Bologna Process was carried out in 2005, following a decision taken by the Ministers at their 2003 meeting in Berlin. When the Stocktaking Working Group presented its report to the ministerial meeting in Bergen in 2005, the Ministers accepted the recommendation that the stocktaking exercise should continue and they asked that a further report should be prepared for their meeting in London in May 2007.
The 2007 report presents the results of the 2007 stocktaking, which was designed to check the progress that participating countries have made on the aspects of the Bologna Process that are included in the Bergen Communiqué. The report gives an overview of progress since 2005 and also of progress towards achieving the 2010 goals of the Bologna Process.

Bologna Process Stocktaking London 2007

At the Berlin Ministerial Meeting in September 2003, Ministers with responsibility for higher education requested the Bologna Follow-up Group to undertake a stocktaking exercise on the progress made in three priority action linesquality assurance, the two-cycle degree system and recognition of degrees and periods of study. They also requested the group to identify corrective action where appropriate.
In March 2004, the Bologna Follow-up Group established a working group to carry out the stocktaking exercise. The working group has prepared this report for the May 2005 Ministerial Meeting in Bergen.

Bologna Process Stocktaking 2005. More...

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